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Bindery and Finishing Activities

Required Bindery Guidelines
When the Student Handles the Binding
When the University Handles the Binding
Ordering Personalized Diploma Covers
Copyright Protection
Publishing Your Work

Required Bindery Guidelines
As a degree expectation, you must arrange for an official copy of your thesis or dissertation to be submitted to the University archival library. The manuscript must be bound using Class-A, archival library quality binding. The paper should be of archival quality acid free and may be letter or A4 size, uniform throughout. Binding of the manuscript shall be black buckram hard-back binding with gold lettering. It is required that the spine of the bound manuscript show in gold lettering the name of the author, the degree, and the year of completion. Gold lettering on the front cover is not required and is left to the discretion of the graduate.

Determining the Number of Bound Copies. The graduate must arrange for binding and cover the cost of binding the University's required archival library copy and all additional copies needed for distribution and personal use by the student. Creating and sending copies of thesis and dissertation manuscripts to the mentor and selected mentors is the responsibility of the student, at student expense. It is customary for students to permit their faculty readers to retain the copy they received and to deal with required corrections though errata sheets and correspondence. Many faculty members request a bound copy of the thesis or dissertation, following final approval. This is worked out on an individual basis and the University has no hard and fast policy regarding provision of bound copies to faculty, except that students should try to abide by the expectations of each member of their graduate committee.

Number of Volumes. In determining the number of volumes needed for binding the student will need to measure the thickness of the final manuscript. No more than one inch of paper will fit in one volume. If two volumes are needed, the student should divide the manuscript somewhat equally. Each volume should include a title page with the words Volume I (or Volume II) added to the page, directly beneath the title. The student should also include this information within the table of contents. The second volume should continue the numbering sequence of the first volume. The spine of the manuscript should show the volume number in gold lettering.

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When the Student Handles the Binding
Most of our students find a suitable bindery in their local area, provide the document to the bindery on archival paper and have the binding done. Then they ship the bound document to the University headquarters in Hawaii.

Akamai University
110 Haili Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720 USA
Tel: 1 (808) 934-8793
Fax: 1 (808) 443-0445
Email Akamai

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When the University Handles the Binding
If you wish to have the University handle the binding, you have two options in providing the document. You may print out the document, package it securely and ship to attention of the University with the bindery fee. $95 per copy.

If you wish to ship a CD with PDF file, we ask that you cover the cost of printing, at the rate of 20 cents per page. This would be printed on one side of acid-free archival white bond paper of not less than 20-pound weight, and not less than 25 percent rag content (8 1/2 X 11). Then add the $95 bindery fee per copy.

If you wish the University to bind additional copies above the single archival copy that we require, you will also need to cover the cost of shipping by Priority Mail from Hawaii to any mainland address. This would most likely be less than $20 per copy, although we would need to know the size of the book before quoting the cost of shipping. The University can also arrange for shipment internationally at the prevailing rates.

University Contact Information

Dr. Douglass Capogrossi
Akamai University
110 Haili Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720 USA
Tel: 1 (808) 934-8793
Fax: 1 (808) 443-0445
Email Akamai

Contacting the Bindery Directly

To contact the Hawaii-based bindery directly, use the following information. It may be best to ask the University to contact the bindery on your behalf.:

Mr. Jesus Sanchez
Sanchez Bindery
17 Maka`ala Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720 USA
Email the Bindery
Tel: 1 (808) 987-4492

Ordering Personalize Diploma Covers

Cornerstone Graduate Supply, Inc.
508 Campus Street, Ste. 5
Milton, WI 53563
Tel: 1-877-466-2563 (toll-free)

Selecting Diploma Covers
Akamai recommends that its graduates select a diploma cover in dark blue with gold foil lettering to match the school colors and in the 8.5" x 11" size equivalent with the original size of the diploma. Covers are available to fold in horizontal document side fold to match the landscape presentation of the diploma. The diploma order options are available online.

Cost of Diploma Covers
Most graduates order a single diploma cover, but on occasion friends order covers together. The cost options of diploma covers are available online

Shipping Options

United States of America
Graduates from the USA may request direct shipment to their home address and arrange payment online.
Payment Options Online

Since orders are not shipped outside the USA, our graduates may arrange to have their order shipped to the Akamai headquarters in Hawaii and arrange with staff to have the diploma cover shipped together with the diploma and other finishing documents, by courier at expense of the graduate.
Payment Options Online

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Copyright Protection
Copyright Protection commences automatically from the time the written work is created in fixed form and the copyright immediately becomes the property of the author. Registration with the US Copyright Office is not required to secure copyright but it is a legal formality placing on public record the basic facts of a specific copyright.

Registering a copyright has certain advantages that the author may wish to consider. Registration establishes a public record of the copyright claim, which is usually necessary before any infringement suits may be filed in court. If completed before (or within five years of) publication, registration establishes "prima facie" evidence in court of the validity of the copyright. If registration is made prior to an infringement of the work or within three months after publication of the work the copyright owner will qualify in court for an award of statutory damages and attorney fees. Otherwise, only an award of actual damages and profits may be available to the copyright owner.

Introduction to the US Copyright Office
Library of Congress

Instructions for Registering the Copyright
of Your Thesis or Dissertation

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Publishing Your Work
We strongly recommend that our students arrange for publication of their theses and dissertations through Dissertation.Com. A primary function of Dissertation.Com is to provide students, researchers, and the general public with low cost access to important academic work. Their publications are made easily accessible on-line and through thousands of booksellers, reducing the cost of acquisition and speeding delivery to those interested. eBook editions are instantly available via the internet. Publishing your work is the first step toward establishing yourself as an expert in your field, so look into Dissertation.Com, if you have interest in having your work published.
Contact Dissertation.Com by Email
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110 Haili Street
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