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Master of Arts in Christian Studies
PhD in Christian Studies (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
Major Concentrations
Program Faculty

Our students may include a full-time minister, bi-vocational minister, chaplain, missionary, involved in a non-profit, lay person, human service workers, educators, public administrators, governmental representatives, military officers and those who will serve the international community. It is also appropriate for peace activists, diplomats and community organizers for peace initiatives, economic development, literacy and wellness. diplomacy, and international relations.

Participants in Christian Studies may pursue a concentration for research in any one the following fields of inquiry:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Study of the Early Church
  • Evangelical Doctrine
  • Spiritual Formulation
  • Overview of Christian Theology Liturgy
  • The Teaching Ministry of Christ
  • Christian Ethics


    Harvey Menden, PhD
    Program Co-Director

    Dr. Menden possesses many years of ministerial service. He currently serves in the chaplaincy. He is a Bishop in the Lutheran Evangelical Protestant Church (LEPC) and serves on the denominational Board of Advisors and as a Synod Regional Bishop. Dr. Menden's secular background includes serving as a Senior Manager. He has held positions as a Director, Training and Organizational Development for a multi-billion dollar business. Senior Consultant for the Human Resources Organizational Capability Group at BP Amoco Corporation. He has provided services as either an employee or an external consultant to Fortune 500 companies such as The General Electric Company, The Coca-Cola Company, Black and Decker, Canada Life, and Little Tikes. He possesses extensive experience within Human Resources, Organizational Development and has previously served on the Atlanta Chapter's board of the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI) . He is a member of the International Society of Christian Apologetics. Dr. Menden received his Ph.D. in Business Education from International Institute for Advanced Studies, Masters and Ph.D. from Southwest Seminary, an MBA from Newport University, and a BS in Political Science from the State University of New York.

    Seamus Phan, Ph.D.
    Program Co-Director

    Dr Seamus Phan is an Orthodox Christian theologian, spiritual director, and priest. He studied the entire Tripitaka of the Mahayana Buddhist canon as well as key Vajrayana Buddhist texts, Confucianism, Taoism, Japanese Bushido, and Hindu Rigveda. He has written workbooks and led workshops for various Christian clergy in Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (prior-Orthodox). He also authored "Tweets of a humble pilgrim" (2012), "Spiritual Lessons from the Journeys of the Pilgrim" (2011, based on the Russian Orthodox classic "Journey of a pilgrim"), "Contemplative Thoughts of an Asian Seminarian" (2009, based on seminary and theological reflections). He has 30+ years of professional field experience in practicing and consulting fields. He is an award-winning, hands-on practitioner and thinker in cybersecurity, digitalization, marketing, branding, leadership, service quality, and philosophy. He has consulted successfully for top multinational corporations and startups. He became an entrepreneur at 10. He was an Internet and cybersecurity pioneer since 1996, and a software developer since 1970s. He was a pioneer computer-based training (CBT) and networked learning systems developer in 1987. He co-developed an Email Security Server Appliance in 2004. His doctoral research culminated in an UNIX-based business analysis system. His earlier biochemistry research was on advanced antioxidants and food lipids. He was also a pioneer Service Quality program consultant for aviation and corporations. He is a professional keynote and inspirational speaker, journalist (TV, radio, print and online), book author (business leadership, Internet, and theology). He earned a PhD in Business Administration from the twinned Universidad San Juan de la Cruz. He was a formally educated artist and calligrapher.

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