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Continuing Education
Community Education
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Akamai University, is pleased to launch its Division of Community and Continuing Education. With the rapid advancement of new technologies in the workplace resulting in increased demands in the job market for continual updating of knowledge and skills, we are pleased to provide courses in the Division to support those demands. In addition, the Division offers classes for individuals who are interested in areas of study for personal development and satisfaction through lifelong learning.

Continuing Education
Classes and certificate programs are offered are offered to adults for their professional development. These programs carry Continuing Education Units(CEU).

Introduction and Overview CAM Continuing Education Programs
CAM Specialist Training for Health Professionals
CAM441: Intuition and Dreams
Certifiacte in Near Death and Spiritual Transformative Experiences
Certificate Program in Energy Medicine Caring for Animals
Certificate Program in Integrative Health- Energy Therapy & Virginia Satir's Process for Change
Specialist Training Certificate: I Serve Those Who Served
Program to Choose Health not Addictions
Basic Certificate Training in Energy Therapy: Choose health Mentorship Training
Specialist Training: Nurse Take2
Pathways to Health Program
Spiritual development Trainign Program

Certificate Programs in Integrative Health Studies
These certificated programs are conducted in cooperation between Akamai University and Energy Medicine Partnerships Incorporated.

World Health Organization Brief on Integrated Health Services

World Health Organization Brief on Integrated Health Services

World Health Organization Brief on Integrated Health Services

Certificate Program in Integrative Health: Energy Therapy & Virginia Satir's Process- Helping Individuals, Families and Organizations Change
This Certificate Program prepares Specialists / Diplomats with expertise in Energy Therapy combined with the world renown Virginia Satir's Process for helping achieve peaceful resolutions or facilitate win-win discussions to vital problems facing individuals, families and organizations. Dr. Bulbrook worked closely with Virginia for over 16 years helping her launch her leadership training ideas for a University for Becoming More Fully Human. Since their original work together, Virginia's philosophy and teachings have continued combing Virginia's work with energy therapy. This innovative certificate program will serve to carry on the tradition of Virginia and argument her significant contributions made throughout her life span. In June of 2016 Virginia Satir's 100 year legacy will be honored. Dr. Bulbrook will be presenting at the celebration on Virginia's ideas and work connected to Energy Therapy.

A Certificate Program in Integrative Health: Near Death Experience (NDE) After Effects (RAH) Recovery and Healing
Background: Near Death Experiencers often have trouble integrating their near death experience and may require support and help to recover and heal in body, emotion, mind and spirit. Family members and health care professionals are generally ill-equipped to deal with the “unusual” after effects experienced. To address this growing problem, this certificate program in integrative health was designed.
Goal: This worldwide training program prepares CAM Specialists in Integrative Health with a specialty in NDE - AFTER EFFECTS – RAH using an integrative approach to learn how to serve NDE’ers, their families, friends, and support health professionals to understand and help those affected by an NDE.

Certificate Program in Spiritual Awakening, Attunement and Healing
A special training program for those assisting others to achieve spiritual awakening, attunement and healing following near death experiences.

CAM Specialist Training Certificate
Description: The CAM Specialist Training Program is offered through Akamai University Division of Continuing Education and the Institute for CAM Studies. There are six concentration options to choose from: Energy Medicine, Energy Kinesiology, Energy Psychology, Energy Dynamics, Transpersonal Studies and Integrative Health. The program is designed for those interested in a professional training certificate for clinical practice and / or clinical teaching.
Goal: The CAM Specialist Certificate Program is offered to support individual’s specialty practice in Complementary and Alternative Medicine based on their interest, professional training and background.

Certificate Program in Caring for Animals
A special training program for those wish to achieve CAM certification as a practitioner in caring for animals.

Community Education
Classes and certificate programs are offered for community education and lifelong learning. These credit programs are of 7-16 week duration

Parenting Programs

Certificate Program in Parent Effectiveness Training
A tuition-free community program conducted by Akamai University for the benefit of families across the East Hawaii community.

Certificate in Christian Parenting
A tuition-free community program established by Akamai University with the guidance of the elders at Connection Point Church, Keaau, Hawaii

Personal Development Programs

Natural Health Studies
The Natural Health Program is established especially for students who are not professionals or who have no extensive college training. This program is also open to professional and college students. Additionally, a healthcare worker might use this program to supplement his or her healthcare knowledge.

Student records for all enrollments and participation in courses in this Division are kept on file in the Hilo, Hawaii administrative office. Students completing classes are issued a completion certificate from the University headquarters.

If you are looking for a particular short course to update or acquire new skills in the marketplace and do not find it here, please email the Division Director to discuss your needs. We may be able to offer a short course for you that is not now listed.

With best wishes in your career and your continuing and lifelong education,

Mary Jo Bulbrook, Ed.D.
Dean, Division for Community and Continuing Education
Akamai University

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Enroll Guidelines

Admittance to courses in the Division for Community and Continuing Education requires submission of registration materials and approval by the instructor-in-charge. Students interested in enrollment should review the course description carefully and if any elements are unclear, send an inquiry to the University representatives.

Receipt of your registration materials by the University brings with it the assumption that you have the background attributes and resources to achieve the objectives of your desired program. To assure a high likelihood for your success, we have established a number of entry standards to guide you and these are available online and upon written request from the Admission Office. Be sure to contact us with your questions or concerns before enrollment, since enrollment space is limited and entry to any of the programs may be discontinued at any time without prior notice.

The University expects that its applicants will have completed appropriate specific preparatory subject matter prior to enrollment. These foundation studies assure the University that you have the necessary understandings, skills and competencies for successful completion of your select course.

Continuing and Professional Education applicants should have proficiency in written and verbal English language communication skills according to American collegiate standards. TOEFL examination scores of 550 or above are a good minimum entry standard.

In the Continuing Education programs it is necessary that participants have access to the appropriate libraries and learning resources needed to complete your assignments. As appropriate,applicants should have access to the appropriate learning resources including texts, journals, periodicals, databases, video- and audiotapes, online resources, and relevant reference materials. These are the required materials stated in the class syllabi that will be issued to you as part of your program. Some of the classes have assignments that require participants to acquire or access learning resources at their own expense.

Given the fully external nature of our courses, it is essential that participants have access to a computer, email account and the Internet and other necessary means of communication for the duration of your course. The University relies upon these electronic means to support its teaching and learning activities, and as a means to support your effective interaction with your instructor and transmit documents, instructions and written assignments.


Enrollment Instructions
Admission's Office Contact Information
Continuing and Professional Education Enrollment Form

Enrollment Instructions

Enroll Now!

  1. Visit the Professional Education Course Roster or the Continuing Education Course Roster and select the desired course or courses.
  2. Download the Community and Continuing and Education Enrollment Form from the Akamai University Virtual Campus Forms Archive.
  3. Complete the enrollment form. Enter your full legal name and personal contact information, as requested. On page 2, identify the course or courses you have selected and sign the form.
  4. Prepare a brief cover letter to introduce yourself to the University. Include a brief discussion of your education and professional background or provide an updated resume. You may include a personal photograph and other materials, if you wish.
  5. Fees should be submitted in the amount of $150 per credit. Payment may be made online by electronic check or credit card by accessing The Professional and Continuing Education section of Akamai's Online Payment Center. Checks sent by post should be made payable to Akamai University. Special payment arrangements may be made by telephone contact with the University Financial Office.
  6. Prior to submitting your registration materials, you may find it beneficial to make contact with us by email or telephone to discuss your interests. The University will provide assistance with any questions you might have in preparing the enrollment form and related materials.
  7. Submit your Enrollment Materials to the University for approval.
  8. You will receive a response from the University within a few days with instructions to guide your next activity.

Admission's Office Contact Information
You may submit your registration materials by post, fax or as a scanned email attachment:

Office of Admission
Akamai University
110 Haili Street
Hilo, HI 96720 USA
Tel: 1 (808) 934-8793
Fax: 1 (808) 443-0445
Email Akamai Admission Office

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