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David Ackah, PhD, MS, BS
David Ackah is a Ghanaian Professional Holds Ph.D. in Economic Development in Africa, MSc. Economics from the United State of America, Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management, & Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management. He also holds a Diploma in Marketing from Institute of Commercial Management (ICM UK), Standard Diploma in Sales Management from Managing & Marketing Sales Association (MAMSA UK) and a certificate in Marketing & Salesmanship from the Institute of Export and Shipping Management. David Ackah is the President of Institute of Project Management Professionals and Editor-in-Chief for Dama International Journal of Researchers (both Business and Administration) with an oversight of administrative and accounting procedures as well as planning the long-term auditing strategy for the onward development of the University. He provides operational support, monitoring and periodic review of administrative auditing to ensure the achievement of the vision and goals of the Institute. David Ackah is an author of five Internationally Published Books in the areas of Business, and about forty-two Articles Published in the International domain. He has a total University teaching experience of 5 years, and a total professional experience of 8 years in Manufacturing, Pharma marketing, Sales/Distribution, administration, Economics & finance.

Jorge Alberto Alvarez Diaz, MD, Ph.D.
Dr. Alvarez obtained his medical degree in 1998 from the University of Juarez, Mexico, and practices as a general practitioner. He earned his Master of Science in Human Sexuality at Akamai University and received the license to practice in Mexico (and an accreditation by the Latin American Federation of Societies of Sexology and Sexual Education as a Specialist in Sex Education and as a Specialist in Clinical Sexology). He earned his Specialization in Fundamental Bioethics, Specialization of Clinical Bioethics, and the Master of Arts in Bioethics at the National Major University of Saint Marcus (Peru). He earned his Specialization in Biomedical and Psychosocial Ethics at the University of Chile. He earned his PhD in Sociosanitary Sciences and Medical Humanities in the field of Bioethics at the Complutense University of Madrid. He has studied also a master of sciences in molecular biomedicine and currently he is enrolled in a second PhD in neuroscience. Dr. Alvarez appeared in Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare (2009-2010 and 2011-2012). He received the Manuel Velasco-Suarez Award in Bioethics 2007 from the Pan American Health and Education Foundation – Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization. Dr. Alvarez has received some prestigious awards, like: the Pedro Barrie de la Maza, Conde de Fenosa Award 2009, from the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Galicia (Spain), for his work, Bioethical aspects of uterine factor in assisted reproduction; the Excellency College of Physicians of the Province of Cadiz Award 2009, from the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Cadiz (Spain), for his work, Life and death with dignity; the Royal College of Physicians of Seville Award 2010, from the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Seville (Spain), for his work Ethics of conscientious objection in human assisted reproduction; the Cross of the Order of Academic Merit 2011, from the Most Illustrious Academy of Science, Technology, Education and Humanities of Valence (Spain); the Official College of Physicians of Valladolid Award 2012, from the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Valladolid (Spain), for his work Ethical issues of nanotechnology in health care; the Gabino Barreda Award 2013, from the Government of Puebla (Mexico). He is an Academic Member of the National Mexican Academy of Bioethics (Mexico), the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Galicia (Spain), the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Cadiz (Spain), the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Valladolid (Spain), and the Most Illustrious Academy of Science, Technology, Education and Humanities of Valence (Spain). Currently, Dr. Alvarez is a postdoctoral fellow in the Metropolitan Autonomous University – Xochimilco Unit (Mexico) and Member of the National System of Researchers.

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Anand Bajpai, Ph.D
Being an expert in the management research field, Dr. Bajpai is working as a Editor-In-Chief in an International Journal of Applied and Behavioral Sciences p-ISSN 2321-2268 and e-ISSN 2321 – 1121. He is also appointed as an internal verifier for the Edexcel level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership, London, United Kingdom in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Recently, he was selected as a Member of Emirates Center of Organizational Learning (ECOL), Abu Dhabi, UAE. Dr Bajpai provides consultancy for research oriented practices like research scholar’s guidance in their research projects/dissertations, SPSS 21.0 orientation and industry projects in the Management field. He has attended and presented his research papers in more than 40 National & International Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Symposia / Colloquia / Congress etc in Dubai and India. He has also organized such activities. He has published about 14+ research papers/articles/editorials in several journals of international repute (India & abroad). Currently, his working research paper is based on the Analysis of Factors Responsible for Lowering the Oil Prices and Its Impact on the Middle East with Special Reference to Gulf in relation to one conference with American University of Dubai.

Joann S. Bakula, Ph.D
Joann S. Bakula, Ph.D. is a transpersonal psychologist who specializes in end-of-life awareness, near-death studies, meditation, transpersonal approaches, esotericism, and other subjects. She taught Death, Dying and Grieving; Transpersonal psychology; Altered States of Consciousness; Parapsychology; Psychology of Mythology; Existentialism; Technical Writing and other subjects at universities in Florida and Oregon for over 25 years. Semi-retired, she continues to give seminars in most of these subjects. She is Review Editor of the Esoteric Quarterly, an on-line peer-reviewed periodical, and writes an online commentary on monthly meditation as world service at She did her undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin, with a double major in Sociology and English, and earned a Ph.D. from HPI/Saybrook in 1978 in Transpersonal and Esoteric psychology, under Stan Krippner, while she was a humanistic business woman in Miami, Fl. She has written many articles for theosophical and esoteric periodicals, some on-line at Theosophical Quest magazine (2003, 2009), and is the author of Esoteric Psychology: A Model for the Development of Human Consciousness. She was a Program Presenter for the Association of Humanistic Psychology annual conferences three times.

Patrick Baltazar, Ph.D.
Patrick Baltazar has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University, CA) and is from Chicago where he completed his B.A. in philosophy and sociology (Loyola U.), including fieldwork and life histories with homeless men. He then moved to Guatemala to assist displaced populations and later work extensively as a popular educator in designing and facilitating trainings with leaders of social movement organizations on transformative pedagogy, gender issues, and organizational strengthening, culminating in the co- authorship of two educational manuals. Amidst this work, Patrick’s interest began to shift to integral healing and the transpersonal dimensions of life, inspired by his own struggles with Type 1 diabetes (since age 19), contact with nature, and his growing practice of Mayan spirituality. His study of transpersonal psychology has included psycho- spiritual transformation and development, transpersonal dimensions of healing, and personality. Patrick lives in Chiapas, Mexico where he continues his integral teaching and curriculum development work.

Medani Prasad Bhandari, Ph.D.
Dr. Bhandari is interested in teaching and mentoring in the field Community and Economic Development; Environmental Studies; Sustainability Studies; Peace, Diplomacy and International relations. His main interest as a teacher and researcher centers on the intersection of local and global interests (trans-society/trans-border) and capacities in addressing global political economy; green economy, natural resource management challenges, environmental sustainability, and the effects of climate change. He is also interested in risk analysis, public policies, and behaviors that contribute to the goal of catalyzing action across the global community, increase public awareness and change public attitudes on global climate change; natural resource governance issues, human rights abuse, sustainable development and environmental degradation. His goal is to utilize scientific and cultural knowledge, research skills, and extensive experiences to help address the challenges of global environmental change, the green economy, and sustainability. He is also interested as well in assessing the economic, social and environmental impacts on natural resources/ environmental sustainability. His ultimate objective is to cultivate and engage multidisciplinary knowledge-based networks to minimize the impact of climate change on marginalized societies and to reduce societal conflict over natural resources.

Seema Bhat, BHMS, MD (Hom)
Dr. Seema secured BHMS [Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery] and M.D [hom] from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences, Bangalore, India. She has been trained by Prof George Vithoulkas. She has been involved in treating a variety of diseases especially challenging cases such as autism, gangrene, global retardation, vitiligo, diabetes mellitus, cancer, female complaints and so on, at rural as well as urban set ups. She has written over 100 articles for various news papers and websites on homeopathy and has been involved with documentation of over a 5000 cases. She is well known for her teaching methods. She has appeared as the expert on homeopathy in various radio and television programs. Presently she has a well established practice at Bangalore, where homeopaths come to be trained clinically and is also helping to co-ordinate the Vithoulkas video course at Centre for Classical Homeopathy, Bangalore.

Raghu Bir Bista, MS, Ph.D.
Raghu Bir Bista is Lecturer of Economics in Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. Bista has been teaching policy economics at Master level in the department of economics since 1999. This economics deals macro economics and policy of Nepal. Bista received Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in economics from Jadavpur University and Master Degree from Tribhuvan University. He got SANDEE MPhil scholarship 2010. His specialization in Mphil was on Economics of Climate Change. Bista has authored three books. LAP publication, Germany in 2010 published latest book named Role of Nepalese Forest at Global Context, which is available in In 2008, Pratibha Book Publication Nepal published Economics of Nepal. First book, Foreign Direct Investment was published by CIDS Nepal in 2005. Recently, he has interested on macroeconomics, trade economics, environment economics, policy economics, and FDI, poverty issue.

Merton L. Bland, Ed.D.
Dr. Merton L. Bland is an advisor to the National Teachers' College in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. He holds a BFA in Art Education from the University of Illinois (Urbana), masters degrees in French from Middlebury College (Vermont) and in Linguistics from George Mason University (Virginia), and a graduate certificate in TESOL from George Mason. He has worked as an elementary and secondary school teacher in California, a foreign service officer, USIA, in Ghana, Zaire (DRCongo), Madagascar, Guinea, Pakistan, Australia, and Washington DC; and an ESL/EFL teacher and teacher trainer in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, China, (the former East) Germany, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam and Morocco. He has been active in various professional (WATESOL, KOTESOL, Phi Delta Kappa, NEA, NAFSA)service (Rotary, Rotaract), and religious organizations, and has especially focused on international exchange of persons programs. He is an author with several books and articles to his credit. He is married with four surviving children and nine grandchildren.

Nick Bottom, MBA, BBA
Nick Bottom is Chief Financial Officer of St. Joseph's Community Health Services in Wisconsin. He has held a variety of senior healthcare management positions since leaving the Marine Corps nearly a decade ago. Mr. Bottom specializes in the unique challenges of rural healthcare, in particular that of the Critical Access Hospital. He is a member of the American Academy of Medical Administrators as well as the Healthcare Financial Management Association. He recently presented Benchmarking for Small and Rural Hospitals to the AAMA national conference. Mr. Bottom earned his MBA from West Virginia Wesleyan and completed his undergraduate work with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Averett College.

Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D.
My 1974 doctoral dissertation was entitled, ”Consciousness as Disease in early Nineteenth Century Literature.” I then spent the next 30 years teaching graduate and undergraduate classes at the University of Florida at Gainesville and Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. I was fortunate to be able to teach classes in a variety of formats in addition to traditional classroom settings. I have taught large lecture classes, workshops, video-based distance education classes, and Internet telecourse formats. During this time, I have maintained an active consulting practice, teaching communication skills and teach effectiveness in businesses both large (Fortune 500) and small. Along the way, I became e interested in Neurolinguistic Programming, which I studied with the co-developer of NLP, Richard Bandler, and John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP. I earned Master Practitioner status in 1997 and became a Licensed Trainer of NLP in 1998. For more information,
visit the following website.

Tom Brennen, MS, BS
Mr. Brennen has worked in the engineering and information technology fields for over fifteen years. His experience has involved employment in a variety of industries on both US coasts and also abroad. During this time Mr. Brennen has acquired a well-rounded knowledge of how modern technology and a traditional education cam make a positive difference in society through dedicated learning and teaching skills to others. In Maine he worked in the semiconductor industry when components of IT were first being realized and taken advantage of. Mr.Brennen returned to graduate school on the West Coast to earn a Masters Degree in computer information systems and business management from the University of Pheonix in San Francisco. During this time, he worked in the health care industry and spent six years at a HMO in Marin County, CA. He was able to observe many examples of the need for quality IS management and realized the benefits of health care recipients. After graduating, with an MS degree and surviving employment in the ever- changing health care industry, Mr. Brennen became employed full-time as an IS Network and Systems Technologist for the University of Wisconsin (UW) at the Madison campus in their central information technology department which serves the entire UW system throughout the state. He has a variety of responsibilities in different areas and teaches technical skills to a variety of customers. Mr. Brennen received a BS from the University of Vermont in an interdisciplinary undergrad program the required graduate course work and thesis. During this time he spent two summer semesters earning certificates from intensive sessions at Middlebury College, and at the University of Vienna?s summer campus in Strovl, Austria studying German Language, its culture, international studies and law..

Mary Jo Bulbrook, EdD, RN, C CSEM, SEM, CHTP/I
Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook is a medical intuitive and founder of Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine (TYLEM)?mp;#8222;?. It is based on her distinguished 20-year career as a university professor and clinical specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing. From 1974-84, she was a key figure in the development of world- renowned family therapist Virginia Satir's teaching organization, Avanta Network. Drawing on their 12 years together, elements from Virginia's teachings and philosophy were integrated with Dr. Bulbrook's holistic nursing theory Healing From Within and Without?. Over the next decade, Dr. Bulbrook's therapy training evolved into the Energetic Healing? Program. In 2004, the title of the program was changed to its' current name, representing the growth and expansion from the original model. The work continues to advance today. Over the last three decades, Dr. Bulbrook has been a pioneer in the energy medicine field. She began teaching and practicing Therapeutic Touch and Touch for Health in the seventies, and moved to teaching her own energy material in the eighties. From 1990-2004, Dr. Bulbrook was active in the leadership of Healing Touch. She developed both HT and her own program in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, Ireland and Chile, as well as throughout the US and Canada. Mary Jo has collaborated with international healers such as Rosalyn Bruyere, Credo Mutwa (South African Sangoma), Bob Randall (Aborigine elder), and Rose Pere (Maori Tohuna). In 1989, Dr. Bulbrook was honored with the Canadian Holistic Nurse of the Year award. From this rich background, she was able to create a highly effective and easy to implement model of advanced psycho- spiritual treatment.

Kimberly Burnham, PhD
Dr. Kimberly Burnham, The Nerve Whisperer uses words (books, presentations, poetry), health coaching, guided visualization and hands-on therapies (CranioSacral therapy, acupressure, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Integrative Manual Therapy) to help you heal. A clinician at St Luke's Rehabilitation / Institute and Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS) she works with premature babies, 82 year oldgrandmas and everyone in between. Do you want help healing? Walk better despite Parkinson's disease, Huntington's ataxia or Charcot-Marie-Tooth? Alternatives for autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme or lupus? Wondering how to help your child with seizures, autism, CP, scoliosis or Down syndrome? Recently told you have macular degeneration and looking for eye exercises to improve your driving or reading? Have chronic back or neck pain or a recent a joint replacement? Kimberly specializes in brain and spinal cord health along with vision improvements, helping you be more comfortable and creative.

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Douglass Capogrossi, Ph.D.
Dr. Capogrossi earned his Ph.D. in Adult and Continuing Education from Cornell University, where he completed an extensive dissertation investigating the effectiveness of the American education system. He also holds a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction, and Bachelor's in Business Management from Cornell University. Dr. Capogrossi has directed a variety of successful formal and non-formal education programs including trade apprenticeships, work experience projects and on-the-job training within industry and the human services, and adult job training through center-based programs. He has served as President at other distance learning institutions and has provided leadership in achieving recognized institutional accreditation. Dr. Capogrossi facilitated development of the New York State Rural Literacy Initiative, a state-wide community- based project initiating adult literacy and community development ventures in the poorest counties, funded by the Community and Rural Development Institute at Cornell University. He holds permanent teaching credentials in commerce and social studies with special certification to teach the emotionally disturbed. Dr. Capogrossi has held leadership roles with two major federal pilot studies identifying effective models for educating at risk youth outside the traditional school environment. He has coordinated innovative community-based education projects for troubled youths through the Board of Cooperative Educational Services in New York State. He also served as Instructor with the Office of Continuing Education at Cornell University, where he developed and instructed distance-learning courses in basic and corporate accounting for career track employees. Dr. Capogrossi is an experienced human service administrator, having worked as Executive Director of South Valley Collective, The League, and the United Minority Coalition, Assistant Director of Tompkins County Economic Opportunity Corporation and Director of Planning with the Community Service Organization in San Jose, California. Dr. Capogrossi has held top management positions in industry, serving as General Manager of Micrographic Systems, a medical camera-manufacturing firm in Santa Clara, California. For a number of years, he operated America Builders, a successful licensed general contracting firm in California. Dr. Capogrossi has extensive community volunteer experience emphasizing implementation and development of nonprofit organizations, preparing founding documents and serving as an officer of the Board of Directors. He was instrumental in developing an international professional membership organization dedicated to the amelioration of major world problems, a community legal center serving moderate-income communities, a human service coalition, an emergency service corporation, and an athletic league. Dr. Capogrossi has authored papers and textbook chapters with focus upon assurance of academic quality and meaningfulness or missions in higher education. He has taught programs in parenting effectiveness, anger management, transition to the community, job readiness training and basic education for many years within correctional facilities in East Hawaii. Most recently, Dr. Capogrossi has collaborated with leadership in the local Christian Community to structure a dynamic Christian Parenting Program.

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Antonio Cardona, MPA, MA, CPM, CWDP, GCF
Mr. Cardona holds the Executive Master's in Public Administration from Rutgers University and Master of Arts in Community Counseling from The College of New Jersey. He has been actively involved in diversity and race relations, and the development of anti-discrimination programming for over 10 years. Mr. Cardona is a native speaking Spanish language communicator and has served as an EEO Investigator for the State of New Jersey, including placement within the Office of the Attorney General for assurance of compliance and diversity administration. He is a human resource professional with the New Jersey Department of Human Services and a Workforce Development Coordinator and Career Counselor. Mr. Cardona coordinates mediation scheduling and training for Union County and serves as a professional mediator with the court systems in Union and Somerset Counties. He is an Associate Professor of Psychology with Mercer County College, and an adjunct faculty member with the Human Resource Development Institute, Union County College. Mr. Cardona serves the State of New Jersey as a diversity expert, holds government certifications in EEO/AA, Diversity Programming and Training, Mediation and Employment Dispute Issues, and holds workforce development credentials including Certified Job Counselor, Training-the-Trainer, and Managing Workplace Diversity. He is an active radio and television presenter, trainer and speaker and serves on a number of state boards and community advisor boards.

Michael Cohen, Ed.D.
Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, Applied Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., is a Program Director of the Institute of Global Education where he coordinates its Integrated Ecology Department and Project NatureConnect. He also serves on the faculty of Portland State University and the Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology whose program he initiated and has directed since 1990. In 1965, Dr. Cohen discovered that Planet Earth acted like a living organism and from this he founded sensory, Gaia based, degree granting Environmental and Expedition Education outdoor programs independently and for the National Audubon Society and Lesley University. He conceived the 1985 National Audubon International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism," at the University of Massachusetts and established the sensory sciences of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology in 2008. He is the Editor of the "Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology" and an award winning author of ten books dealing with Applied Ecopsychology including "Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature" "The Web Of Life Imperative" and "Reconnecting With Nature." Dr. Cohen is also an accomplished folk song artist and contra dancer who presents traditional music programs accompanied by guitar, banjo and accordion for the U.S. National Park Service and Skagit Valley College Elder hostel on San Juan Island, Washington.
View a video about the lifework of Dr. Michael J. Cohen

Melinda H. Connor, D.D., Ph.D., AMP
Dr. Melinda H. Connor holds undergraduate degrees from Harvard University and Wellesley College. She holds masters degrees from University of San Francisco and American Military University. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from California Coast University and did her neuropsychology training in northern California. Dr. Connor was the recipient of a 3 year National Institutes of Health T32 post doctoral fellowship in complimentary medicine research at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Iris Bell where she was the former director of the Optimal Healing Research Program at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, directed by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz. She has additional training in drama therapy, dance therapy, massage therapy, nutrition, qi gong and in many different styles of energy and meditative practices. Currently a professor on the teaching staff for several universities and a popular speaker at conferences, Dr. Connor is the CEO for the National Foundation for Energy Healing, research symposium chair for the ISSSEEM organization and has a private research and healing practice in Arizona. She is the author of ten books.

Kay Cook, Ph.D.
Dr. Cook is an independent minister with experience in hospital chaplaincy, mission fundraising, and geriatric social service consulting. Dr. Cook has over fifteen years teaching experience and is dedicated to helping others achieve their career goals. She holds a Doctor of Theology Degree, as well as a Ph.D in Theology, Law and Environmental Law. Dr. Cook, over the years has also achieved a Doctor of Pastoral Counseling and is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor. Dr. Cook has also completed additional studies in ministerial theology, law and psychology. She has recently published a series of articles on the prophet Daniel, his life and his prophecies.

Rosemary Cook, Ph.D.
Rosemary Cook is a private practitioner of alternative health care and holistic counseling. She developed and attained her degree at Empire State College of S.U.N.Y., and has a background in both orthodox and unorthodox practices that are included in most complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) curriculum. Her CAM experience includes a history of practice in Ayurveda, Biofeedback (Psychophysiology), Diet modification, Art therapy, HIV counseling, Herbal therapeutics, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Her training in Ayurveda was undertaken at the American Institute of Vedic Studies working with David Frawley O.M.D., who is a recognized teacher in India and the United States. She studied Spirituality and Healing in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and continues Ayurvedic training with Deepak Chopra, M.D. She has both experience in both qualitative and quantitative research in the areas of preventive medicine, social, and action research. Her research interests include the spiritual aspects and the socio- cultural conditions that play a role in creativity, communication, health, disease, cure and prevention.

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
Esther was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, studied Chemical Engineering, and worked in research of Natural Products many years. For 35 years she taught: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Organization and Time Management in different countries and languages at formal and non formal education. After 35 years in Business, she founded TOOLS FOR L.I.F.E. to mentor her clients Live Intensely Fully Energized reaching goals successfully. As an expert in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in food manufacture, Lead Auditor ISO 9000, and Quality Control Management Training she mentored Food manufacturing Industries toward a successful certification. In Alternative Energy Medicine, she earns Certificates in Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology Practice, Neuro Linguistic Programming and is licensed as NLP Trainer. She also studied Emotional Freedom Techniques and earns certificates as Life Coach, Business Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Esther offers tools to achieve cllarity, confidence, and self-esteem, having programs online and offline.

Steven J. Cox, M.P.A., M.B.A., M.P.M., Ph.D., Ed.D.
Dr. Cox holds degrees in Psychology (B.A.), Public Administration (M.P.A.), Business Administration (M.B.A.), and Project Management (M.P.M.). He is also holds certifications as a Counselor in the State of Washington, Hypnotherapy Instructor and Trainer’s Trainer, Medical/Dental Hypnotherapist, Forensic Hypnotist, Third Degree Reiki Master and Trainer, Neuro-linguistic Instructor and Trainer’s Trainer, Meta-Master Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Therapeutic Kinesiology, Metaphysical Practitioner, and Third Degree Kabalah Practitioner with Teacher Certification. In 2008, he completed his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership through Akamai University and his Doctorate in Education through Universidad San Juan de la Cruz. For this Doctorate and Ph.D., he developed a learner-based approach toward education, in the form of a student manual, using a system he developed called Transformational Neuro-Linguistics. He is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology through Saybrook University. His major emphasis continues to be Transformational Linguistics. His practice is based on the transformational aspects of language, belief systems, metaphors, motivational systems, and altered states of being – with an eye toward expanding consciousness, choice selection, and perception. Recently, he opened Paraversal Publishing ( in Washington State. He hopes to develop several divisions within the company including roleplaying gaming, fiction, non-fiction, and metaphysics.

Courtenay Crouch, MA, PhD. (cand.)
Prof. Courtenay Crouch is completing her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. Her dissertation examines the experience of learning about family history. Other research interests include the self-understanding of embodiment, the creative process, and hermeneutic phenomenological and critical research methods. Courtenay is currently an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. As an Assistant to the Dissertation Director at Sofia University for 4 years, Courtenay counseled students through all stages of the dissertation process.

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Tricia W. Devin, Ed.D.
Dr. Devin holds an EdD, MA, PA and BA from Pepperdine University, a Post-Doctorate Ph.D. from Polytechnic University, Berlin, and an RN in Critical Care from the University of Alberta, Canada. She completed her Fellowship Program in England. Dr. Devin served as Provost of Academic Affairs, Dean of Business and Management at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels, and Critical care and Trauma Specialist in California for fifteen years. She has taught online, on-ground, Flexnet and distance education for the past ten years. In 1981, she developed and implemented a specialized consulting business based in Los Angeles, California, with businesses in re-engineering and restructuring transitions. She has worked for corporations in United State, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Michael Doogan, MS, PhD (candidate)
Prof. Michael Doogan will soon graduate with a Doctorate in Psychology from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where he currently holds a Masters in Transpersonal Studies as well as a Certificate in Spiritual Guidance. Mike also holds a Masters in Teaching from Concordia University. His dissertation, The Spiritually Transformative Impact of Meditating Using Binaural Beats will be published in 2013. Mike has 15 years of experience working as a social worker and clinician in a wide variety of therapeutic settings. Currently, he works as a clinical supervisor for a nonprofit organization that serves homeless youth and maintains a small private practice in Portland, Oregon. His current research interests include the Jungian shadow self, qualitative research methods, art based research methods, transpersonal masculinity, Integral theory, transcendental media and art as a meditative tool. Mike currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his wonderful wife and four amazing children. He also enjoys riding his bike, celebrating, ecstatic dance, laughing and doing art.

Dung Nguyen Van, PhD
Dr. Dung Nguyen Van has many years working as Director and CEO of international companies and Education institution in Vietnam. He would like to share his knowledge and experience with students who want the practical knowledge in Business Administration field. Besides, he also a founder of some social projects involve in Business Administration Education such as: 1st portal for Vietnam students and manager focus on Business Administration knowledge:; E-Library for Vietnamese: Now with the President and CEO of MBA Institute position, he could have a chance to expand practical business administration knowledge for students not only in Vietnam, but also in South East Asia.

Randall Lewis Eaton, Ph.D.,
Dr. Eaton holds an international reputation in animal behavior, human evolution and wildlife conservation. He has made contributions to history of science, philosophy, environmental ethics, comparative religion, mythology, indigenous wisdom and prehistoric art. He has held faculty positions in zoology, psychology, wildlife and humanities at major universities. Dr. Eaton has published 115 articles in refereed journals including Science, Evolution and J. Wildlife Management; his popular communications have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Magical Blend and Utne Reader. Two of his books received national awards. His film, The Sacred Hunt, received 11 awards, and his production, Orca: The Sacred Whale, won first place among natural history broadcasts. Randall befriended wild orca whales in British Columbia. He carries a Sacred Pipe in the Cherokee Tradition. Randall was a leader in the protection of spotted cats from illicit poaching for the fur trade and in global protection of whales. He edited an interdisciplinary journal, Carnivore, the editorial board of which included Harvard's Edward O. Wilson. He was Conservationist Lecturer of the Year at North Carolina State. A speech he gave on ecological problems in the US was broadcast by CBS TV National News; PBS TV NOVA interviewed him about recovery of endangered species. He has been on NPR and BBC Radio News worldwide.

Sarah Anne Edwards, Ph.D.
Sarah Edwards is PhD ecopsychologist and licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Pine Mountain Club, CA. She also serves as President of Let?s Live Local, a non-profit corporation working for a local sustainable future and directs the Pine Mountain Institute providing online continuing education programs on eco-anxiety for licensed professionals. With husband Paul, Sarah has authored 17 books. Their latest book Middle-Class Lifeboat, Careers and Life Choices for Navigating a Changing Economy addresses concerns about the dual threats of our changing environment and the economy. Her novel Sitting with the Enemy, is an ecopsychological drama about how nature can help us escape from today?s overly complicated, stressful lives. One a 20 US Transition Trainers, Dr. Edwards serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Organic Psychology, teaches at the Institute of Applied Ecopsychology and offers a nationwide course on Sustainable Livelihoods: Now, Transition and the Future.

Revalyn Faba-Sack, Ph.D.
Revalyn Faba Sack is a committed educator, administrator and therapist with many years of international experience, spanning three continents. She continues to research the impact of nature connecting therapy on children and adults facing learning, emotional and psychological challenges on a day-o-day basis. She promotes the use of such therapy as a supplement to existing more traditional therapies. She is an educational consultant for the IB organization and believes that international education should promote open- mindedness and a willingness to accept traditional and non-traditional programs of study, intervention and recreation.

Wesly Feuquay, M.Ed
Wesly has many roles; at once he is a teacher, motivator, educator, instructor, and mentor in a variety of fields. His drive to help others understand and transcend themselves is a constant internal intention. Wesly holds a Master of Education in Psychology and is a Professor of Psychology at several Arizona colleges. He is also a competitive Ballroom and Latin dancer and has been instructing dance for the last 15 years. His love for knowledge and meaning, rhythmic body expression, connectivity to others, and an ever-present union with the Divine lead him to finding a way to embody all of them. His current interest is in the integrative practices of Mind, Body, and Spirit, through cognitive strengthening, somatic education, contemplative studies, and connection to Source. These practices are based on learning to be present with the reality of our inner experience in an open, authentic and curious way.

Rod Floyd, D.C., MSPH, CCN, FIAMA
Dr. Floyd is a 1977 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa campus (DC). He was in private practice for over 20 years. Then he began his studies at Nova Southeastern University in 1998 and earned a (BS) in special education and taught children with disabilities for five years while continuing his education by getting a Master of Science degree (MSPH) in community public health and completed additional courses in epidemiology at Walden University. He also holds certifications in clinical nutrition (CCN), medical acupuncture (FIAMA), and Level I and level II proficiency in Quintessential Applications (Applied Kinesiology), Dr. Floyd is currently an associate professor and faculty mentor at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida campus where he currently mentors student interns in the outpatient clinic. He is also an adjunct instructor at Everglades University, South University Online, and Allied Health Institute Online. He has been published in peer reviewed journals and has given platform and poster presentations at scientific meetings.

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Jenece Gerber, Ph.D.
Dr. Jenece Gerber is a founding Co-Director of Fireweed Earth Arts, an earth-inspired arts and education centre on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Jenece's work melds healing modalities, sound, ecology, music, and the intersectional realms of time, spirituality, consciousness, sciences, and the arts. She is a composer/sculptor of sonic space and an edge-dweller who thrives, creates, and guides others in the marginal spaces. Also a singer, harpist, yogi, Reiki Master, concert and event producer, and teacher of composition, voice, and Vocal Yoga, Jenece earned the PhD in Music Composition from the State University of New York at Buffalo, the Master of Music degrees in both Music Composition and Vocal Performance from the University of Akron, and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Ethnomusicology and Music Composition from Bowling Green State University. She is a certified instructor in the Heather Lyle Vocal Yoga Method and is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher.
Visit Dr. Jenece Gerber's website

Corina Guethlin
Dr. Guethlin earned her PhD in 2006 and her psychology degree in 1995. Since her graduation, she has worked in the field of evaluating complementary medicine for over 10 years and more recently also in the field of research in family medicine (since 2008). During her work she has focused on methodological issues in quality of life as well as in CAM research, and completed several smaller and bigger research projects herself. She is now overseeing the research projects of all the senior and junior researchers in the Department of General Practice at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main in Germany in her position as senior supervisor of Research Methodology & Project Management in General Practice. Besides her expertise in quantitative research methodology she has gained profound knowledge in measurement issues (from questionnaire design to factor analysis) during her PhD phase and more recently also in qualitative research. Among her biggest research projects in CAM were a randomly controlled trial of massage therapy in pain patients, and a study on the effectiveness of acupuncture and homeopathy in general practice. This study included 1000 practitioners and 5000 patients and ran for more than 7 years. She has also managed a controlled multicentered cohort study with ?matched pairs? design looking at the treatment effects of homeopathy in cancer patients. Her work experience began as a research assistant and research fellow with the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology at the University of Freiburg, Germany, followed by more senior positions like being the Head of the Department of Evaluation Research in Complementary Medicine at the University Medical Center Freiburg/Germany and the current senior researcher position as Director of the Team for Research Methodology & Project Management in General Practice. Abroad, she completed an internship with the Center for Research and Dissemination at York University, UK, where she was doing systematic reviews in all fields of medicine. She is widely published in the fields of research methodology including measurement issues and in Complementary Medicine, as well as in qualitative research in family medicine. Dr. Guethlin has also gained expertise in guiding students during the proposal and writing phases of their Diploma thesis and doctoral dissertation papers, and held several additional teaching positions during her work experience.

Deryl Gulliford, MHA, Ph.D., JD, FAAMA
Dr. Gulliford is currently a public health consultant and the elected State Director for the American Academy of Medical Administrators in Oklahoma. He most recently served as CEO of Seiling Hospital, located near Oklahoma City. He holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the Ohio State University College of Medicine and was National Chairman of the Small and Rural Healthcare Section, American Academy of Medical Administrators. He has authored or co-authored over 30 journal publications and four medical textbooks. His article, Surviving the Financial Restructuring of Health Care, won the 1986 Travenol Literary Award as best health care management paper in a national journal. Dr. Gulliford earned his BS in Allied Medicine at Ohio State University, his MS in Health Administration and Health Planning from the University of Cincinnati, a Ph.D. in Health Services Administration from Clayton University, a Ph.D. from Greenwich University in Health Services Administration, and a JD from the University of Honolulu. Dr. Gulliford has been admitted as an Associate Member of the American Bar Association as a educator in Medical Law. He is also a member of the American Bar Association - Health Law Section and the American Health Lawyers Association.

Vijay P Gupta, Ph.D., MD
Dr. Gupta earned his M.B.B.S. from Agra University in India, his D.F.M. in Forensic Medicine from Bangalore University, India, and his Ph.D. in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology from Greenwich University. Subsequently he did his American Board in Forensic Medicine from American College of Forensic Examiners International, Springfield, U.S.A. He was honoured with a D.Sc. from Colombo for his contributions to Forensic Medicine and Medical Education. He had worked for The Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia for more than a decade as Director Emergency and Clinical Toxicology. He is member of many international and national academic bodies including the Executive Advisory Board of American College of Forensic Examiners International, Springfield, USA. He has 48 publications to his credit and most of them appeared in International Journals. He had supervised research work of 10 medical postgraduates leading to Ph.D. and Masters degrees. Presently, he is working as Professor of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at HIHT University, Dehradun, India.

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Phillip Holman, M.D.
Dr. Phillip Holman is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (1998, 2008), Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine (1983) and a Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Specialties (2008). Dr. Holman graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University. He attended medical school at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He further completed residencies in Psychiatry at the University of Washington, Seattle and Spokane, Washington. As well, Dr. Holman was a resident in Internal Medicine at the University of California, Davis campus. Throughout his career, Dr. Holman has practiced in diverse settings including California, Utah, Colorado, Washington, and Canada. He continues to outreach to those in need of mental health services through his work and practice in Montana. Dr. Holman’s interests in mental health, public health, complementary medicine and the cultural aspects associated with psychiatric medications resulted in the authorship of monthly mental health articles, appearances in a variety of television spots,medical directorships to create positive change and facilitate mental wellness support groups. Dr. Holman is a voice and champion for individuals with mental health needs and ability challenges.

Daniel L. Huber, Ph.D.
Dan Huber grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Heavily influenced by the beauty of nature around him and the communal interest in helping others, inspired by his parents, Dan developed and pursued a career in helping people. His career started as a childcare counselor at the Child Guidance Clinic in Boston, where exposure to the brightest minds in psychiatry and psychology in helping children, inspired him to enter further graduate study in psychology. His studies began at Boston University and culminated in degrees in counseling and school psychology and a doctorate in developmental psychology from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Along with his strong academic interest in learning ways to help others, Dan developed spiritually through meditation and Shamanism. He found this to be a much broader view for understanding and helping to improve the human condition. Dan's current work is focused on using ancient techniques of meditation and Shamanism to improve the lives of others and strengthen communities. This interest is presently being expanded into teaching, researching and infusing scientific psychology with practical spirituality.

Ruth Huffman Hine, Ph.D.
Dr. Hine has a wide range of experience, with twenty-four years in Adult Education designing and implementing programs for adult students in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, Indianapolis. During her tenure at MSD Wayne Township, she served as director, manager, curriculum author and consultant, instructor, tutor trainer, and advisor for new program implementation. She possesses extensive experience in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Adult Education. Dr. Hine has initiated services for local business and industry including Allison Engine, Chevrolet Truck & Bus, National Starch, Chrysler Foundry, and the Midwest U.S. Army Recruiting Center. She currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at Akamai University, graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Hine has designed and taught courses in English as a Second Language. She has developed programs of instruction for College Preparation, Secondary High School Completion, and Literacy. She completed research on Needs of Volunteer Tutors in Adult Education. She has written articles and presented papers, and authored award winning curriculum in Adult Education. Recognized as a professional in Adult Education, Dr. Hine was a guest of the Deutscher Volkshochschul in Germany. She has maintained interest in genealogy and has written a family history book. Dr. Hine has been active in professional organizations, Kappa Gamma International, Phi Delta Kappa, the International Reading Association and Association for Adult and Continuing Education. She was a member of the Governor Speaker Forums in Indiana and was recognized in the 2008 publication of Adult Education Administrators in Indiana. Dr. Hine holds a Doctorate in Education, San Juan de la Cruz University; a Doctorate in Educational Administration, Greenwich University; M.A. in Adult Education, Indiana University; a B.S. in Education, Butler University, Indianapolis, with permanent teaching certification.

Somchet Isarankura, BS, MBA, Ph.D, LFIBA
Dr. Isarankura (Somchet Isarangkul Na Ayudhya) received a Bachelor of Science degree from Chulalongkorn University at Bangkok, Thailand in 1984, an MBA, with a major in Information and Computer Science, in 1998, and a Doctoral of Philosophy in International Business Administration in 2000. He serves as Management Consultant and Information Technology Consultant for several organizations and is currently working with Cosmo Group of Companies, Thailand, in the areas of information systems management. Since 1984, Dr. Isarankura has been associated with a number of national and international firms including Forward Group of Companies, Thailand, which runs diversified business in eighty nations. He serves in top level management and information systems headquarters and subsidiaries, including ICT Project Leader at Iyara Park Hotel and Resort, Asia's largest hotel located in Thailand. He is also associated with Live Media Network Co., Ltd., Thailand in the functions of top management, Business Consultant, Hosting and Master of Ceremony (M.C.) of United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). Dr. Isarankura, Founder of Isarankura Royal Lineage Family Tree, has been ICT Advisor and on Board Committee at Isarankura Foundation, Thailand. Isarankura Foundation is a non-profit organization, established as a legal entity in Thailand since 1986. Since 2010, he is also associated with Seya Auto Group of Companies, an importer and wholesales distributor, Thailand in the function of Chief Advisor. Dr. Isarankura has been listed in various Who's Who, such as Who's Who in the World (Marquis), Who's Who in Asia (Marquis), Who's Who in Finance and Business (Marquis) and Who's Who in Science and Engineering (Marquis).

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Ismail Jamal, Ph.D.
Ismail Jamal has vast and diversified experience in HRM and HRD after more than twenty-five years being exposed to the banking, finance, insurance, construction (infrastructure and heavy engineering), transportation and haulage, manufacturing and marine industries. He has wide exposure in dealing with unionized and non- unionized environments, and also governmental relations. He has conducted lectures and courses in established private colleges and higher institutions, presented papers in local and international conferences, and managed consulting assignments in established international conferences, and managed consulting assignments in established organizations. He has championed, participated, implemented and internalized initiatives such as HR Global Transformation, Employer of Choice, Performance Management, Change Management, Six-Sigma Program, Supply Chain Management, SAP R/3 HR Module and other HR reengineering management programs and processes. A graduate of MBA(HRD) from University of Hull, UK he is currently pursuing his Doctoral degree in Business Management focusing on Profiling and Job Matching Using Web-based Technology with UiTM Graduate School (IPSIS), Shah Alam, Selangor D.E. while being freelance Consultant for e-PROFILES SDM BHD, specializing in Human Capital Competencies, eProfiling and Job-Matching using %100 web- based assessment technology information systems and as Associate Consultant for Irshad Consulting.

Claudine Jeanrenaud, BA, MSc, Ph.D.
Dr. Jeanrenaud, Founder and Coordinator of the C.G. Jung Foundation for the Study of Depth Psychology at Archetypos, is a Professor of Jungian Studies and a Roving Asclepian minister. She served as Associate Professor in the School of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa , Canada for more than a decade and lectured as Adjunct Professor of Anthropology , Psychology of Art History, Creativity, Depth Psychology and Spirituality at several universities in the United States and abroad over the past twenty years. Dr. Jeanrenaud received her B.A. in Art Education with an emphasis on Art History in Lausanne, Switzerland and her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis on Play Therapy and Leisure Behavior from the University of Illinois. She completed post-doctoral studies of Jungian Psychology in Denver , Colorado, always in the pursuit of the unifying truths behind human expression.

Christopher K. Johannes, Ph.D., HD (R.Hom), NCC, LMHC, LPC, BCPP, MBPsS
Dr. Johannes holds degrees in Liberal Arts (AGS), Psychology (AA, BA), Health Psychology (MA), Community College Education (MEd), and has earned a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology (Ph.D.). Dr. Johannes also holds a doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine (DHM), professional registration as a homeopathic doctor [H.D.(R.Hom.)], and an honorary doctorate in Complementary Medicine (D.Sc.). He also received post-graduate professional training in Counseling Psychology and is a National Board Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Registered GBR Psychologist (MBPsS), Registered and Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (RPP, BCPP), Registered Homeopath (R.Hom., MARH), Certified Holistic Health Counselor (CHHC), Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Psychology (MNLP), Internationally Certified Aromatherapist (ICA), Hypnotherapist (RHt), Thought Field Therapy Practitioner (TFT Dx), Certified EMDR Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and holds Arizona State Board Community College Teaching Certification in Psychology and Counseling. Dr. Johannes is a fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy, a graduate of the Hahnemann Academy of North America (D.Hom.) and is a full member of other professional associations in the UK and USA. He served as a lecturer at Niigata Sangyo University, Nagaoka University of Technology, Ritsumeikan University, and Kansai Gaidai University in Japan, and was Visiting Lecturer in Psychology at the University of North London and adjunct faculty of the College of Homeopathy in London, England. Dr. Johannes also holds qualifications as professional nationally certified Mediator (NACM), a Spiritual Intelligence Coach (certified by Cindy Wigglesworth at the DeepChange Institute), a Personal Trainer (health and fitness), and has completed training resulting in certification from CoreIntegral (level 1, Integral Philosophy), and Dr. Paul Eckman's F.A.C.E.S. (emotional/social intelligence facial recognition) course. Dr. Johannes' journal articles in Psychotherapy, Counseling Psychology, Thought Field Therapy applications, and Homeopathic Medicine have been published and cited in the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States. His private group practices in England and Japan have offered holistic integrative treatment services in homeopathic and behavioral medicine, polarity therapy, wellness coaching, counseling and psychotherapy. His recent book Homeopathy and Mental Health Care has received excellent reviews. Chris also enjoys acting and often appears on TV shows, commercials, and in movies. In 2015, Dr. Johannes was awarded a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine and Integral Health (Honoris Causa). More recently, Dr. Johannes has earned several coaching qualifications that include certifications as a Board Certified Coach (BCC), Master Certified Health Coach (MCHC), and SQ21 Coach, and was welcomed to the Directorship of the Health division of the Global Listening Centre (India)."

James Johnson, MD
Dr. James Johnson is a medical doctor, naturopath, and professor of online courses in Naturopathic Medicine that he has taught for over 10 years. Dr. Johnson developed an interest in Naturopathy since his grade school years. He studied Medicine at a traditional medical college. This medical college graciously permitted Dr. Johnson to study and receive credit for his Naturopathic Medicine electives (which he in part designed). Also, he is a professor of online courses in Nursing, Professional Speaking, Massage Therapy, Healthcare Informatics, and Forensic Sciences. He manages active in-school discussion forums for his students while emphasizing his motto, ?Use the simplest remedy when caring for clients.? He is said to be one of the most active and innovative users of online learning-management systems. Having worked with many types of holistic providers (e.g., massage therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and physicians),he continues to be involved with the development and review of holistic programs, practices, education, and books.

Peter N. Jones, Ph.D.
Dr. Jones is a researcher at the Bauu Institute, where he works with indigenous peoples on ethno-medicine, cultural, and natural resource management, and social justice projects. He holds a Ph.D. in pPsychology from Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco, California, a BA in Anthropology, Spanish, and Religious Studies from the University of Colorado, Bolder. His dissertation topic was Unifying the Concept of Consciousness across the Disciplines: A Cross-Cultural Concept Based Approach. Dr. Jones has worked across the United States, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, where he has helped indigenous peoples develop, document, and maintain traditional cultural lifeways. He has published articles on a wide range of topics from complementary and alternative medicine, peyote, psychology, and cultural survival. His academic and research interests include complementary and alternative medicine, mind-body issues, spirituality, anomalous experiences, and physical, mental and spiritual regeneration.

Lee Karling, PhD
Dr. Karling obtained her PhD from USM in early 2008. Her area of specialization is in Human Resource Management (HRM) with an emphasis on human resource development and learning. Her interest is also in industrial psychology and human behaviors at work. She has been involved in continuous research in linking personalities with job function and performance and hopes to present a research paper late next year. She also specializes in DOE (design of experiment) for the HRM function, specifically for HR development. Dr. Karling has many years of working experience in both the manufacturing and service industries with more years in the service industry as Head of Department. She has been involved in corporate training for more than 10 years and is a Certified Trainer from ACAP Australia. She also holds a unique Graduate Certificate in Adult Teaching and Learning from RMIT University, Australia. She is currently on a retainer with a listed local company as a HR consultant in all HR related matters from HR planning and recruitment to industrial relations. The consultancy work also extends to the subsidiaries of the listed company. Dr. Karling specializes in HRM related training as well as specific interpersonal skills and workplace behavior training aimed at improving workplace efficiency, effectiveness and relationships. She is committed to assisting organizations in their human resource development endeavors and specializes in assisting organizations design, execute, and feedback on training evaluation system for continuous development in the organization’s human resource development efforts. Her current passion is in cross-generation management focusing on assisting organizations in tapping into the potentials of the millennial workforce and providing guidance to senior management in maximizing the talent of the new generation (Gen Y). She is also able to provide training workshops in specific supply chain management areas, specifically inventory management, warehouse system design, and purchasing management for effective cost down.

Stefan J. Kasian, Ph.D.
Professor at Akamai since 2005, Dr. Kasian is a trained Naturopathic Doctor working in Emergent Medical Technology Development and International Evolutionary Medicine. Currently, he also holds an Adjunct Faculty position at Bastyr University Clinic, San Diego, CA, completing a Residency in General Naturopathic Medicine. After a stint on Wall Street, he developed novel intuitive strategies to buy, sell, and rent residential and commercial real estate as a forward-thinking business owner. Recognizing his sophisticated marketing and copywriting systems, industry leaders invited him to create informational products and lead trainings via webinars, teleseminars, and live events featuring hundreds of clients. Meanwhile, he earned a Ph.D. in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, from Saybrook University in San Francisco, CA. His published doctoral dissertation incorporated systems neuroscience, consciousness and creativity research with his real world business endeavors into a new model of a predictive analytics that utilized clients' subtle ways of knowing, e.g. dreams and intuition, to improve their real estate experiences. He has been published in numerous journals including Physiology and Behavior on psychoacoustics, and has conducted research in conjunction with Duke University Medical Center, Arizona State University, Rockefeller Institute in NYC, and Akamai University in Hilo, HI. He first discovered his passion for medicine and healing as a founder of the Mind-Body Medicine Study Group at Duke University, Durham, NC, where he earned a B.A. in Computer Science. in his healing journey he earned a Naturopathic Medical Doctorate N.M.D. at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Tempe, AZ. He has pursued specialized training in mind-body medicine, neurofeedback, biofeedback, bioenergetic medicine, microcurrent therapies, and shamanic plant medicine.

Prasanna Kerur BAMS, MD (Ayurveda)
Dr. Kerur earned his graduate degree from SDM College of Ayurveda, Udupi and postgraduate degree from AMV, Hubli. He has more than 9 years experience in Ayurveda, both as teacher and clinician. He is specialized in Ayurvedic therapeutics known as Panchakarma (Five Detox Therapies) and has treated over 3000 patients through Ayurveda. Since 1996, Dr. Kerur has served many Ayurvedic institutions in Southern India. He extended his expertise as Consultant to Sanjivini Ayurvedic Health Centre, Dharwad, and presently serves as visiting consultant at the Ayurvedic Centre in Bangalore. Dr. Kerur has presented several scientific papers in various national and international conferences in India, and abroad and was invited to speak at the 3rd International Conference on Ayurveda held at Tapovan Ayurvedic Centre, Paris, France. Dr. Kerur serves as Assistant Professor at SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital in Hassan, India. He is visiting faculty for Thames Valley University, London, UK, teaching the graduate course in Ayurveda. He is also Ayurvedic Consultant at Ayurvedic Company of Great Britain and Ayurvedic Consultant on the panel of doctors comprising of General Physicians, Rheumatologists and Yoga specialists at Yoga Biomedical Trust, in London. Dr. Kerur has developed a number of rural health camps in India, and is actively involved in public health education and community health promotion. He is actively involved in several research activities and continued professional development (CPD) activities. Dr. Kerur presents talks about Ayurveda on All India Radio and has been interviewed twice by BBC Radio, London.

Harry Alan Kesten, Ph.D.
Dr. Kesten is an experienced educator and counselor having worked with a wide variety of college-level students and working adult. He has an exceptionally strong array of successful experiences guiding adults in shaping and changing their behavior and optimizing their performance at school and work, and to lead enriched personal lives. Dr. Kesten is President and Founder of Apollo Consulting, a career counseling and online personality and aptitude assessment firm providing a wide array of services to individuals and organizations. Dr. Kesten brings a rare combination of training and experience from both corporate and clinical settings. He spent years in the corporate setting employed as an engineer and gained effective perspectives of the needs of mature adults. He earned his BS in Architectural Engineering and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mansoor Quli Khan, B.S.C, M.B.B.S., MD
Dr. Khan received his B.Sc. from Vikram University (MP India) his M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) from Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Indore University (India), and his MD (Doctor of Medicine In Pathology and Microbiology) from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal University (India) and PhD (Hematology) from Greenwich University (Hawaii, USA). Dr.Khan served as a Haematologist Consultant, Director of Medical Laboratory, and Department Head with Haematology Department, at Central Hospital, Riyadh Medical Complex, Saudi Arabia, for more than 25 years. Dr. Khan has also served as Department Head of Mircobiology and Haematology at the MP Shah Medical College and Irwin Hospital, Jamnagar (Gujrat) India. Dr.Khan presently serves as visiting consultant Clinical Haematologist and Oncologist with HOSMAT Hospital and others, in Bangalore, India and has published several professional papers with international medical journals in the fields of haematology, pathology, microbiology and parasitology.

Khoo Voon Ching, MS.BA, PhD
Khoo Voon Ching holds two Master’s degrees, namely, the M.Sc. by Research from Asia eUniversity and a Master of Business Administration degree from Akamai University, USA. Voon Ching obtained his professional qualifications as an incorporated engineer from the Engineering Council, UK, and as a certified planning engineer from the American Academy of Project Management, USA. He also studied in the University Technology of Malaysia to obtain his diploma in Mechanical Engineering and in Institute First Robotics Industrial Science to acquire an advanced diploma in Robotics and Automation Engineering. Voon Ching is also obtained the PhD in Management. Voon Ching has many years of industry experience, specializing in automation and semiconductor testing. He first worked for ASM Assembly Equipment as a service engineer before he moved to Semiconductor Testing Automation. As a sales manager with COHU, Inc., he was involved in multi-site test handler sales and service activities. He implemented multi-site testing handlers in many MNCs involved in semiconductor testing, which primarily aimed to reduce testing costs. His research interests include technology management, cost reduction through technology, and the efficiency of technology to improve human condition. Mr. Khoo is a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the International Associations of Engineers. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Project Management.

Sandra Kolbl-Holman, MS, Ph.D.
Dr. Sandra Kolbl-Holman offers diverse, highly conceptualized international contexts in relation to her approach to sustainable landscapes, educational development, executive solutions and professional career interests, both for herself and those who work along side her. Kolbl-Holman has been educated in Canada, Germany and the United States. She received her undergraduate degree honors with distinction from Saint Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada. Her nursing program was part of the fast track joint University of Lethbridge, and Lethbridge Community College RN degree program. Her graduate scholarly training followed through Carlton University, the University of Lethbridge, and with Akamai University conferring her doctorate with high honors along with norming a new intelligence measure for Dr. Robert Sternberg during his tenure at Yale University. She additionally holds a post graduate diploma in Sustainability Studies. During Kolbl-Holman’s academic career, she has received graduate teaching assistantships for undergraduate counseling and theories, full tuition scholarships at the graduate level, graduate scholarships for academic excellence, graduate awards for women in higher education, a national award in program evaluation for program logic model development, graduate and undergraduate research assistantships, two undergraduate teaching assistantships, presented at academic conferences and is academically published and recognized. Kolbl-Holman’s passion for Art History and Fine Art studies began in Europe as a small child, evolved in the cobblestone streets of Germany as a teenager, and continues through her graduate studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Kolbl-Holman’s professional career history demonstrates her successes while serving in politics, working as a political journalist, coordinator of volunteer programs in criminal justice environments, developing treatment, cross-cultural and community programs, psychologist, a qualified past life regression therapist, shaman, CEO of her business consulting firm in Canada, entrepreneur/inventor with seven patents worldwide, preparing needs assessment studies, becoming familiar with various judicial systems as a probation officer, and as a lead researcher for the S.O.A.C Justice Committee that brought about new sexual offender laws, environmental supporter, author, and former Chief Advisor for Project Nature Connect. Kolbl-Holman received the Canadian Achievement Award for Small Business presented by Petro Canada in recognition of outstanding business practices and marketing in national and international forums. In the meantime, Kolbl-Holman holds several key positions including Director of the Akamai University Sustainability Studies Program, Dean of the Akamai University Think Tank for Global Betterment and Academic Council Chair, as well as a Senior Faculty member. She is working on a book project that researches, explores and gives hope for outlier complementary options titled “I Slept with the Bears”. Her hope is to build a peace oriented, humanitarian- sustainability focused center with the mission goal of creating global human sustainability, that starts with the historical intersections of human life and moves to a gestalt that reaches out in all directions from the ground level of every village and every city block in the form of art, complementary medical research and practice, and sustainability. Kolbl- Holman states: Knowledge makes a powerful statement. All knowledge is infinity itself, and is our unlimited resource. That right to knowledge can never be taken away from us.

Marena Koukis, Ph.D.
Dr. Koukis' main areas of interest are the neuropsychology of dreams, consciousness studies, and family therapy. Her current research focuses on dream content during pregnancy. Dr. Koukis is skilled in the use of the Hall and Van de Castle Scale of dream content analysis, and has contributed to numerous dream research projects. Her training as a marriage and family therapist has enabled her to work in a wide range of settings, from play therapy with preschoolers to group and individual therapy with adults suffering from severe mental illness and substance abuse. Dr. Koukis is the first person to be awarded Saybrook's Dream Studies Certificate. She was also recipient of the 2005-06 Saybrook President's Scholarship Rudy Melone Award for her academic accomplishments and personal research.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Dr. Krippner is Professor of Psychology at the Saybrook Graduate School and distinguished member of Council of Sages, California Institute of Integral Studies, both in San Francisco. For many years he was Director of the Dream Laboratory at Maimonides Medical Center in New York, following Directorship of the Child Study Center at Kent State University. He has served as Visiting Professor or Lecturer at universities worldwide, including the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences in Moscow and the Academy of Science in Beijing. He serves on the editorial board of twelve journals, including the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology and the Journal of Indian Psychology. His many books include Human Possibilities, Healing States, The Realms of Healing and Song of the Siren. He is author or co-author of more than 500 articles in professional journals. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He is a former President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology and the Parapsychological Association. Dr. Krippner earned his BS at the University of Wisconsin and his MA and Ph.D. at Northwestern University.

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Ben Lee, PhD, MBA, BBA
Dean, Asia Business Administration, Management and Educational Leadership

Dr. Ben Lee, Founder and President of the EDS Business School has been increasingly recognized across the Asia-Pacific for his leadership and community service, and stands out for excellence in delivery of executive and educational leadership training and cooperation with cross-border affiliations. Dr. Ben Lee is most well known for his great leadership capabilities. Dr. Lee is also recognized for the core leadership values set as foundations for his own leadership style: hope, courage, passion, inspiration, and integrity. These values have been essential to Dr. Lee in his own professional advancement and that of his fellow workers in the EDS Business School and among his international affiliates. Dr. Lee is founder and President of EDS Business School, Malaysia, established in 2002. EDS has become recognized as a premier training and executive development organization, satisfying a rapidly growing demand for skills development training among business owners, professionals, engineers, and executives in the Asia-Pacific Region. Under his direction, EDS currently operates executive development seminars and networking activities in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, USA and Macedonia, Eastern Europe, and is best known for providing state-of-the-art training in management principles and practices through his unique executive open-learning programs. Dr. Lee has taken the initiative in forming training associations with universities and colleges in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Macedonia and the USA and has provided leadership in establishment of an international open learning consortium in the Philippines and Vietnam, bringing schools together, expanding availability of educational opportunities, providing for capacity-building, and upgrading university and college teaching faculties toward earning higher academic qualifications. Dr. Lee is a leader and innovator in the emerging field of executive open learning. He has initiated successful gatherings of leaders from the corporate and business community, higher education, and NGO and public sectors at his popular EDS International Residential CEO Program in Penang, Malaysia. This continuing education and regional networking activity is an on-going community service venture of EDS, initiate and sponsored by Dr. Lee. Dr. Ben Lee earned his Master of Business Administration and his Doctor of Business Administration degrees at Southern Luzon State University, Philippines where he completed an extensive dissertation investigating the service quality provided by EDS Business School in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Dr. Lee also earned Corporate Fellowship awards with the Institute of Management Spercialists, UK.

Stephen Lentz, Ph.D.
Dr. Lentz has spent over 25 years in the field of education, scientific research, enginerering and atmospheric forecasting. He earned Bachelor of Science degrees in astronomy from the University of Arizona, meteorology from Pensylvania State University, and nuclear engineering from the University of Maryland. Dr. Lentz earned his Master of Science degree in meteorology from Old Dominion University and Doctor of Philosophy from Greenwich University. He holds professional certifications in computer database and administrative applications. Dr. Lentz served as United States Air Force Weather Officer in command of a team of solar and ionospheric forecasters. He has educational experience in both academic and professional arenas and earned two of his degrees via distance programs. Dr. Lentz is currently a senior engineer and emergency plan meteorologist at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Currently, he also serves on the adjunct faculty at Pensylvania State University and spends free time as a emergency medical technician. His current research interests include severe weather and environmental health issues. Dr. Lentz has been a member of the American Meteorologist Association for nearly thirty years.

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Craig E. Maddron, MD
Craig Ernest Maddron was born at Camp LeJeune, N.C. in 1963. Having been raised in Virgina Beach, VA, he attended some of the best schools in the country. Joining the U.S. Marine Corps at age 17, Dr. Maddron completed 2 tours of active duty and continued his education, eventually graduating from 6 universities. After his military service, including a tour of Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Air Station, Oahu, HI, he served as an United Nations Officer/ UNHCR, in Kosovo. Currently Dr. Maddron acts as a Military Advisor for the Joint Services and teaches at a host of universities, both in the classroom and online. Dr. Maddron is the author of many papers published in various professional magazines and has presented in symposiums and conferences. Dr. Maddron enjoys studying other cultures and travels extensively.

Robert R. Maldonado, PhD, BBHS, CEMP/I, CHTP
Dr. Robert Maldonado is a Certified Energy medicine Practitioner and Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, anf teacher of Chinese Integral Qigong and Tai Chi. Robert is a retired military officer and teacher dedicated to helping people discover their innate abilities and their potential to heal themselves and find their true purpose in life. He is the author of The Calling of the Heart: A Journey in Self-Healing describing his spiritual journey as a healer and has authored books on his travels with Energy Medicine Partnerships. His doctoral dissertation is entitled, A phenomenological case study of the healing effects of an integrative practice using energy medicine, movement, breathing, and meditation interventions.

Stefan J. Malecek, Ph.D., CAD III, MAC
Dr. Stefan J Malecek worked 17 years within the psychiatric units of the San Francisco Bay Area before returning to achieve his academic credentials (PhD, 2006). He is a nationally certified Master Addictions Counselor and operated a private psychothery practice in Nehalem, Oregon from 2008-2013, specializing in PSTD among military veterans and long term transformational work with recoverign addicts. Although now retired from his practive, he continues to do some pro bono work, accepts an occasional client, or consultation. He has two books in press: Crucible of Shame: The Journey to Integration (September, 2015)and Transformin Retirement: From Blues to Bliss (January, 2016). He presently lives Huelo, on the beautiful Island of Maui, where he is currently writing on yet another draft of his first, and yet unpublished, novel, Brotherhood, about his experiences in the Vietnam War.

Stacey Mallory, MS.
Prof. Mallory’s educational background began in computer programming. She continued to advance her skillset in network administration and technical support, but ultimately utilized her strong technical background and interests in website development. Prof.Mallory has volunteered her time to a diversity of causes supporting personal and global transformation and empowerment. Currently she assists with the degree program for Project NatureConnect. She dedicated twenty-five years as an advocate for domestic violence victims, earning her national and international recognition. Though her technical skills filled a niche and her volunteer work helped others, Prof. Mallory often found herself yearning to return home to nourish her soul. While exploring she discovered Project NatureConnect and completed a Masters in Applied Ecopsychology. As a fellow traveler in our current era of human evolution, she lives her life very simply, nestled in trees with wild nature. Prof. Mallory is finally home.

Anthony R. Maranto, Ph.D.
Dr. Maranto currently serves as a senior environmental consultant and program manager for numerous clients at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration where he supports a wide range of projects across the National Geodetic Survey, the Coast Survey Development Laboratory, the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, and the Office of Sustainable Fisheries, among others. Prior to his work with NOAA, Dr. Maranto provided scientific and program support to numerous organizations across the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army. In his twelve years of consulting for DoD, he oversaw research, management, and policy projects related to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) defense; environmental compliance and health; natural and cultural resource management; land use management; and pollution prevention technologies. Dr. Maranto received his BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; his MA in Environmental Science from Goddard College; and his Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the Union Institute. As a researcher and educator, Dr. Maranto has a wide range of experiences and interests. He was formerly the Director of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Radioecology Laboratory. Additionally, he has held posts in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and in the Department of Biology at Essex Community College in Baltimore. He currently serves as a member of the Planning Advisory Committee at Morgan State University and sits on the board of directors for two non-profit organizations; Kupenda for the Children (a charity that supports physically and mentally handicapped children in the developing work) and LEEK Mountain Preserve (an organization which provides conservation support and outdoor recreation opportunities to wounded US service members). Dr. Maranto is the founder and Chief Editor of the Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, presently in its tenth year of publication. He has authored or co-authored over 50 publications and presentations on numerous topics including carcinogenic risk assessment, environmental management, radioecology, health physics, data quality control, and neurological receptor modeling.

Austin Albert Mardon, MSc., MEd. BA
Prof. Mardon holds the Master of Science degree from South Dakota State University and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Lethbridge in Geography and the Master of Education from Texas A&M University. He completed postgraduate studies in Geography at Kharkiv National University. Prof. Mardon holds honorary doctorates from University of Alberta (2011) and from University of Lethbridge (2014). He has published over 300 articles and short communications, and has authored, coauthored, and translated 53 books including a letter published in Science. His books have been translated into six languages. Professor Mardon was awarded the Antarctic Service Medal from the United States Navy in 1987 for has work as a member of an Antarctic field party that recovered over 700 meteorites. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal from the Governor General of Canada for his extensive social service activates across Canada. Prof. Mardon was one of the youngest members of the International Academy of Astronautics. He is a member of Canada's highest civilian decoration the Order of Canada and has received highest Canadian decoration for volunteerism from Canada's Governor General in 2016, the Sovereigns Medal for Volunteers. He is a Corresponding Member of The Explorers Club. He is recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from University of Lethbridge. He received nine additional awards for his activism in human rights and his work in the area of mental health. In 1986 he was appointed a member of the Explorer's Club and currently is an International Fellow in that club. In early 2005 he received an honorary professorship from Penza State Pedagogical University that was presented by the Russian Ambassador in Ottawa. Prof. Mardon's philosophy relating to geography is that it can bridge the gap between the sciences and the humanities and engage the scholar in a way that is essentially interdisciplinary in nature. Prof. Mardon is an honorary fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Marie M. L. McLean, Ph.D., M.A.
Dr. McLean is a systems thinker and keen apprentice as to how theory translates into reality. Studying the social and cultural implications of how theological thought informs religious traditions earned her a B.A. in Comparative Religion and an M.A. in the History and Philosophy of Religion from Montreal's Concordia University. Decades of interest in para-psychological and spiritual phenomena led to a Ph.D. that combined study through Carolyn Myss' Energy Medicine and through Dr. Michael Cohen's Project NatureConnect Applied Ecopsychology Program. Through the latter program, she is currently faculty on Ph.D. committees guiding students toward program completion. Dr. McLean offers programs locally in Toronto through NexusWithin, with wilderness intensives offered in Hawaii. Over decades, she has been employed within public education in Canada. Years of assisting multicultural children and their families to integrate into North American life has provided a unique, intimate opportunity to identify both the damage unquestioned culture can inflict and the hopeful possibilities for the unbinding of life's felicity. Her conviction is that reconnecting the human mind back into the natural matrix from which it evolved will liberate it from the mentality that enslaves both itself and the planet.

Ignacio Arroniza Medina, MD
Dr. Medina obtained his medical degree as medical doctor and general surgeon at the University of Mexico, (UNAM). He also holds the specialization in internal medicine and cardiology from Hospital Siglo XXI in Mexico city. He has held the post of medical director of several prestigious hospitals in Mexico such as Centro Medico de Especialidades in Juarez Mexico.. He has been a professor or medicine in the areas of cardiology and internal medicine for many years at the University of Juarez (UACJ) Mexico School of Medicine. He also, holds specializations in addictions medicine from UTEP-PACE and the Institute of Medicine and Advanced Behavioral Technologies, a mental health and medical organization which he heads as president for the last 20 years. In the areas of mental held and addictions medicine, he has worked for the Integral Treatment of Addictions Program at Instituto de Medicina Tecnologia Avanzada de la Conducta for over 15 years. He, currently directs Juarez Cardiovascular, a group of experts in the intensive treatment of cardiological disorders at Hospital Poliplaza Medica. He has extensively conducted research on the effects of stress in the cardiovascular system and Diabetes.

Harvey Menden, Ph.D.
Dr. Menden is Director, Training and Organizational Development for a multi-billion dollar business. He previously held the position as a Senior Consultant for the Human Resources Organizational Capability Group at Amoco Corporation. He has provided services as either an employee or an external consultant to Fortune 500 companies such as The General Electric Company, The Coca-Cola Company, Black and Decker, Canada Life, and Little Tikes. He possesses extensive experience within Human Resources, Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, International Business, and Adult Education. Dr. Menden is a member of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) and has previously served on the Atlanta chapter's board. He serves as adjunct faculty at Newport University. Dr. Menden received his Ph.D. in Business Education from International Institute for Advanced Studies, D.Min. from CBCS, an MBA from Newport University, and a BS in Political Science from the State University of New York.

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Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.
The Director of Transformations Incorporated, Jim has held licensure as a clinical psychologist since 1973. He is a clinical supervisor, seminar leader and has pioneered in the integration of psychotherapy with such mind/body techniques as breathwork and bio-spiritual energetics. He founded the School of Spiritual Psychology in 1980 and the Transformations Breathworker Training Program in 1990 and has authored three books in the field of spiritual psychology. He is co-drector of the International Breathwork Training Alliance and founding partner of InWellness.

Patricia (Trish) Williams Mueller, MS, BFA, BS
Trish Williams Mueller earned her MS in Spiritual Psychology (now known as Integrative Psychology), with a minor in Breathwork, from Akamai University in 2010; she is a graduate of Transformations School of Integrative Psychology in Milwaukee, WI, USA, where she is currently a member of the Distance Learning faculty, has co-facilitated the Mid-Month Breathwork Meeting, and assisted a number of classes over the years. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Level III Breathworker, Cranio-Sacral practitioner, Shaman's Apprentice, and Tai Chi/Qi Gong practitioner, Trish has offered off-campus seminars on Breathwork and Shamanism. As a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, with a BFA in Illustration, and of UW-Whitewater with a BS in Medical Technology, Trish adds a unique combination of science, spirituality, and creativity to the ongoing work of personal growth and healing.

Balakrishnan Muniapan, Ph.D.
Dr. Balakrishnan Muniapan is currently a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management (HRM) at Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus) in Kuching, Sarawak. He has previously taught at Curtin University of Technology in Miri, Hertfordshire University at BIMC in Beijing and for Deakin University at Disted College in Penang. Dr Bala is recognised by scholars as a pioneer in the development and promotion of Vedic HRM approach in Malaysia. As a corporate trainer and consultant, he has conducted training and consulted for more than fifty organisations in Malaysia and in Asia. In academia, he has published over fifty research papers in international journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. A highly sought-after speaker in HRM, Dr Bala is frequently invited to speak on HRM issues at international conferences in countries in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe. Prior to academia, he was in production management with Sharp Roxy Corporation at his hometown in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Krishna Prasad Oli, Ph.D.
Dr. Krishna Prasad Oli is a senior professional specializing in development, natural resource and trans-boundary landscape management and the law with over 35 -years progressive experience in a wide range of development and conservation initiatives in particular rural development, agriculture research, natural resource management, sustainable trans- boundary landscape management including biodiversity conservation and environmental law. Dr. Oli has been involved in developing policies, strategies and plans for sustainable livelihoods and in co- coordinating and implementing natural resource management programmes in the eight countries of Hindu-Kush Himalayan region. He has facilitated and participated in many international forums conferences and seminars and helped to bring forward the mountain agenda during COP meetings of The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and other natural resources related multilateral conventions. He is also visiting faculty at TU and giving presentations in other universities on recent development in MEA’s . He brings rich knowledge and experiences in dealing with government and international institutions towards achieving sustainable development goals.

Oludotun Oni, Ph.D.
Dr. Oludotun Oni holds a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Northcentral University. He also has a MS degree in Agric. Engineering and a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from the University of Ife, Nigeria. Dr. Oni has practiced for over 28 years. Dr. Oni is currently an Associate Director with AT&T U-Verse TV Engineering group. Among his professional certifications is the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He Oni has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Phoenix since 2002 and is currently an Area Chair. Dr. Oni has served as chair on several doctoral dissertation committees and on the Faculty Council in 2009. He also received the "Outstanding Faculty" award in June 2010. One of his Mentees won the prestigious "Dissertation of the Year" award under his guidance in June 2012 at Northcentral University. He also sits on the editorial board of two peer-reviewed journals.

James L. Oschman, Ph.D.
Jim Oschman is the award-winning author of Energy Medicine: the scientific basis, published in the Spring of 2000 by Churchill Livingston/Harcourt, Edinburgh. The book is giving the most ardent skeptics a logical and scientifically sound basis for a variety of complementary and alternative therapies. Recently, Elsevier Health Sciences published Jim's second book, Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance. The research provides new insights into the ways the body can function in peak athletic and artistic performances and in profound therapeutic encounters. Jim lectures widely on the science behind a variety of complementary and alternative therapies. His research has led the useful insights that can help all therapists better understand and advance their work and explain it to others. Jim has both the academic credentials and the background in alternative therapies to carry out his explorations. He has degrees in Biophysics and Biology from the University of Pittsburg and has worked in major research labs around the world. His scientific papers have been published in the world's leading journals. To learn about the theories and practices underlying complementary methods, Jim has both taught and attended various classes around the world and experienced a wide range of bodywork techniques. He has also become involved in the development of cutting edge medical devices and other applications of the emerging concepts of energy medicine. Jim is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, and is the recipient of the Foundation's Founders Award. He has also received a Distinguished Service Award from the Rolf Institute.

Daniel O'Shea, BA, MSA, JD
Dr. Daniel J. O'Shea received his BA degree in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1969. Upon graduation, he immediately entered military service as a combat infantry officer in Vietnam, ultimately attaining the rank of Captain. He continued his studies at the graduate level, first at George Washington University, where he received the Masters of Science in Administration degree in Business Financial Management in 1973, and then at Fordham University, where he received the Juris Doctorate degree in 1977. He has been an Arbitrator in private practice since 1995, focused on corporate contract and real estate disputes. He also has served as a professor of business management at various institutions, and has served as a faculty textbook consultant for several publishers. His experience includes an extensive background in adult education, management, leadership studies, ethnics, and human resources. Dan also consults in the areas of management, continuing professional education, and leadership training.

Owen Ngozi Owunwanne
Dr. Owen Owunwanne is a school teacher at Montgomery County Public Schools in the state of Maryland. He worked for Delta T Group, a Health Care Service Agency; Maxim Health Care Services as as a Therapeutic Behavioral Aide; a school registrar for Washington District of Columbia Public Schools. He served on grading and reporting development committee for Middle School students. He served on school curriculum for students youth services in Washington District of Columbia. He served as Co-Director as well as a Policy Advisor, UNICEF-United Nations Association, global Classroom, DC area for over 1,900 teachers and students. Dr. Owunwanne graduated from State University of New York at Buffalo with B.S. degree in Business Administration. He earned his MBA in 1982 at the University of Beverly Hills California, and earned his MA degree in psychology at Saybrook University in California. Dr. Owunwanne has a PhD degree in Applied Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychophsiology from Akamai University Hilo, Hawaii in 2011. Dr. Owunwanne has over 20 years of experience in business entrepreneurs.

Anthony Payne, N.M.D., M.D. (hon.)
Dr. Payne holds earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia Pacific University (B.S. in paleoanthropology, M.A. in biological anthropology), a diploma in NaturMedizin from the Werner H?rlin Institute (Germany), a doctorate in nutritional medicine (N.M.D.) from the Aksem Holistic Oriental Medical School (Metro Manila, Philippines) and a doctorate (Ph.D.) in pastoral psychology ad eundem through St. Mark's Catholic Seminary & College. During the 1980s he served as editor-publisher of Biological Medicine Newsletter, co-hosted two live call-in radio talk shows, and served as staff writer & nutrition educator at Health Restoration Center, one of the largest integrative medical diagnostic and treatment clinics on the west coast. During the 1990s he wrote, "The Layperson's Guide to Naturopathic Medicine" (SFCOM Press) and "Naturopathic Remedies" (Westar), plus numerous popular and technical articles. Dr. Payne also served as an AOL Community Leader (CAM) and was Texas State Chancellor of the International Association of Educators for World Peace (United Nations NGO), 1995-8. He carried out laboratory bench top research projects for Inter-Cal, Inc. and BioProducts, Inc., did product development work for the Prestige Chinese Tea Company, Inc. and Pacific BioLogic, Inc. and served on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Earthrise Corporation for five years. Dr. Payne also served on the Board of Directors of hyperbaric oxygen chamber maker BaroTech, Inc. and spent 5 years as Superintendent of Academic Affairs of the Orthodox Catholic Education System (Eight seminaries & parochial schools). Dr. Payne made pioneering inroads in the metabolic pathway treatment and eradication of solid tumors, a body of work (Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen) published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors (1995) and the British Naturopathic Journal (2000). These endeavors culminated in the award of an honorary MD degree and two international medals in science and medicine by the Faculty Senate of Open International University during the mid-1990s. In addition, Dr. Payne published numerous scholarly papers, some which appeared in the peer-reviewed journals Medical Hypotheses and Medical Hypotheses & Research. In 1997, the National Institutes of Health brought Dr. Payne to Washington, D.C. to participate in a major conference covering parameters for testing of nonstandard, novel, but promising cancer treatment regimens and therapeutic agents (POMES). This invitation resulted in part from NIH recognition of novel metabolic approaches to eradicating cancer, including Dr. Payne's Metabolic Oncolytic Regimen (NIH's Center for Alternative & Complementary Medicine). During 1999, Dr. Payne was recruited to teach in Japan at Teikyo University of Science & Technology (Uenohara)and Asia University (Tokyo). He later taught courses at numerous major Tokyo-area corporations, as well as the Toshiba Institute of Education and Culture (Shin-Yokohama). During March 2003, Dr. Payne and his Japanese wife, Sachi, relocated to the USA where he became resident biomedical theoretician and senior science writer with the nonprofit Steenblock Research Institute (SRI). While at SRI he co- authored "Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy: The Gift of Healing from Healthy Newborns" (Basic Health Publications, 2006) with SRI founder & President David A. Steenblock, M.S., D.O. In July 2007 he left SRI and then spent 3 years as a biomedical theorist, science writer and patient educator at Weller Health Institute & Laboratory. While at WHI&L Dr. Payne co-authored "Health Benefits of Vitamin K2" (Basic Health Publications) and worked on novel ways to slow progression in ALS (One of Dr. Payne's regimens was the subject of a paper of his that appeared in the peer reviewed journal, Medical Hypotheses). Since August 2010 Dr. Payne has been working as a biomedical theoretician and science writer for several firms and individuals. He also founded Choctaw Doc, a natural products firms. In the fall of 2013 he partnered with Jim Haverlock in founding Web Wizards which provides web design, search engine optimization, web strategy & content, and copyrighting services. Dr. Payne is a 25+ year member of the international high IQ society, MENSA, and is a Bureau of Indian Affairs certified American Indian and a tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Sachi Tsujii Payne, MS, BS
Prof. Sachi Tsujii Payne is a Japanese national who relocated to the USA (California) in 2003. She earner the BA in Education from Japan Women's University in Tokyo, while devoting some of her free time to tutoring school-aged children. After her schooling, she began work in the corporate world in Tokyo. At mid-life, she married, changed her life direction, and relocated to the USA with her husband. Since coming to the USA, Prof. Payne she has been engrossed in the accculturation process, while completing her Master of Science in Counceling at California State University at Fullerton. As a counseling student she had strong interest in helping each person find his or her own voice and live an enriched and meaningful life. While attending graduate school, she worked as a volounteer in a hospice and domestic violence shelter. She is a licensed calligrapher and flower arrangement instructor (Japan). She also studied traditional Japanese dancing and tea ceremonies. As a developing person she enjoys exploring herself and the world, and sincerely hope to make a difference in the lives of others.

Seamus Phan, Ph.D.
Dr. Phan has been an Asian pioneer in several fields, including computer-based training (CBT), service quality, digital prepress, and knowledge management. He was the first in- house developer of network-based learning with multimedia in 1987 for a major computer parts manufacturer, where at that time, all such programs were typically out-sourced to external development houses. In that capacity, Dr. Phan developed a total of 8 training programs, all with multimedia and interactivity, and online testing across an intranet, a first in Singapore in that era that predated the Internet. Dr. Phan has also been an external corporate educator and facilitator to many multinational corporations and govern ment agencies, teaching about the adoption of vendor-neutral e-business, Internet connectivity, Internet security, wireless networks, business transformation and leadership. He is also a knowledge management pioneer, and his intranet solutions have been adopted by leading companies in law, manufacturing and retail. Dr. Phan has been credited as a credible and incisive journalist and editor, and has served as contributing editor for Network Computing Asia (CMP), Asia correspondent for ETHIX, correspondent for TechTV, and has been a frequent on-air analyst for leading broadcast channels such as CNBC, Bloomberg, Channel NewsAsia and NewsRadio 93.8 and Capital Radio 95.8. He has consulted and helped many technology startups from USA, Israel and Europe achieve media presence in Asia Pacific. Dr. Phan received his doctoral degree in Business from Greenwich University, where he conducted a major dissertation concerning the use of the Internet as a self-analysis tool to improve small businesses in Singapore.

Mirjana Radovic-Markovic, Ph.D.
Professor Mirjana Radovic-Markovic is full professor at Belgrade Banking Academy-Faculty of Finance, Monetary Economy and Insurance, then Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship and Institute of Economic Sciences, all in Belgrade, Serbia. She is also elected full professor at Faculty of interdisciplinary studies, United States and South Ural State University in Russia. She has had a most productive career as a professor and researcher. Namely, she has written thirty books and more than hundred and fifty peers’ journal articles published by the top publishing companies in the world .For her distinguished contributions to basic research in economics, she was elected in eight academies of sciences and arts world-wide as the first woman from Republic of Serbia and received eight Ph.D Honoris Causa.Prof. Dr Mirjana Radovic -Markovic gets the CENTRE FOR WOMEN STUDIES AND GENDER RELATIONS named after her at British-American University Porto Novo Republic of Benin., 2014. Also, she received award for International Women Excellence in Education, Colombo, Shri Lanka, in 2016.

Premkumar Rajagopal, BBA, MBA, Dip.Mgnt, Ph.D.
Dr. Premkumar received his MBA from Northern University of Malaysia and his Supply Chain Management from University of Science Malaysia. He served as Manufacturing Superintendent at Seagate Technology; Logistics Superintendent, Logistics Manager, and Head of Supply Network Planning, and Logistics Integrator at Intel Technology. Dr. Premkumar served as lecturer at Jabatan Veterinar Kluang, Institute Veterinar, EDS Advance Academy, Malaysia and MBA lecturer at University of Southern Queensland; University of Sunshine Coast; University of Nottingham Trend, UNITAR, USM and University of Midwest Missouri. Dr. Premkumar presented papers at the International Conference ICORD on operations research for development and International College on developing trends in logistics for Sedaya. Most recently, Dr. Premkumar's papers were accepted by the Asia Pacific Logistics Federation Conference; British Academy of Management; and Operation Research Society UK. Dr. Premkumar's teaching and consulting interests include corporate strategic management, organizational behavior and development, people management, and logistics and supply chain management. His current research interests include supply chain initiatives and trends in logistics (reverse logistics). Dr. Premkumar is a member of the Graduate Society at University of Science Malaysia.

Dr. Arivalan Ramaiyah, B.Econs (Hons), UUM. MBA, UK, DBA Phil.
Dr. Arivalan has a proven track record in conducting training programs for various industrial, business, government and corporate customers for past 18 years. He has conducted training in a wide range of subjects in Research Methodology, Management, and Marketing. Apart from training, he is also active in consultancy work in the area of marketing and management with various government and non-governmental bodies. Driven by his mission in life, Dr. Arivalan embarked on a profession as a marketer, lecturer, trainer and consultant. He has travelled to many Asia- Pacific nations for networking and partnerships with various institutions and customer groups during his professional career.

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Hubert Rampersad, PhD, MSC, BSC
Professor Hubert Rampersad is a Dutch-American Harvard Business School endorsed best-selling author of 25 books, former MIT Sloan guest professor and President of Innovation University of Florida. Some of his books have been published in 20 languages and endorsed by leading professors from Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, MIT, London Business School, INSEAD and IMD. This award-winning scholar holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering & Management Science (Cum Laude) from Eindhoven University of Technology, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering/Robotics from Delft University of Technology (in the top-10 of the World University Rankings 2018), and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Enschede Polytechnics, all from leading accredited universities in the Netherlands. He is also hon. Professor at South Ural State University in Russia. He has been featured on BusinessWeek and Fortune Magazine and has published more than 100 articles in refereed journals. He is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Training and Management Development Methods (UK), journal Measuring Business Excellence (UK), the TQM Magazine (UK), Singapore Management Review, and Journal of Testing and Evaluation (USA). He has conducted keynotes and seminars for Fortune 100 companies like Nokia, Philips, Lucent Technology, Shell Oil Company, IBM, and Coca Cola.

Niranjan Ray, BSEE (Hons.), MSEE, Ph.D. (Engineering)
Dr. Niranjan Ray is the Vice President for University Development, Program Director of Corporate Training, and Deputy Program Director for the Akamai Business Administration Program. He was the president of Roswell 83, LLC, and was a member of the board of directors of 101 Crescent, Inc. Previously, he served as an engineering consultant for Quality and Design Assurance of SJM, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and Beckman Coulter in Medical Device Division. Recently he has been a consultant with Johnson & Johnson Company. Dr. Ray has been business partner of many companies. He received his BSEE (Honors), MSEE and Ph.D. in Engineering from Jadavpur University in India. He taught at several universities including Jadavpur University in India, Engineering University in Bangladesh and International Institute of Management Science in India. He served as the Faculty Head of Computer Division of the Indian Institute of Material Management in Kolkata, India. He was an adjunct faculty of University of Redlands, California, and Greenwich University, Norfolk Island. In addition, he served as chair for Ph.D. research programs, and guided many students in Ph.D. programs. Dr. ray served as the Principal Adviser for Software Design and Development of EDSA Micro Corporation, USA. As a corporate trainer he taught managers and engineers of Parsons Corporation, USA, in Relational Database Management System (DBMS). He also provided training on courses of Computer and DBMS to managers and engineers of State Electricity Board in Kolkata, India, and Indian Administrative Service officers (IAS) at Administrative Training Institute, Kolkata, India. He was a Competent Toast Master (CTM) of Toast Master of International, USA and a senior member of IEEE, USA, the world’s largest technical professional organization. He has a number of published papers to his credit. His primary interests are in teaching and research in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering, Economics, Management Information Systems, Computer Applications in Business Administration including Project Management, Software, Hardware, and Systems Analysis and Design.

Kaliyappan P. Renganathan, M.Sc.
Prof. Renganathan holds a Master of Science by Research from Asia eUniversity, Malaysia. He holds professional qualifications as a Certified Planning Engineer (CPE) from the American Academy of Project Management, USA, and has studied in the Institute of Technology Butterworth to achieve his Diploma as an Electronic Technician. Prof. Renganathan has many years of industrial experience, specializing in automation and semiconductor assembly. He was employed at ASM Assembly Equipment as a senior service engineer before working with ASE Semiconductor Electronics as a senior process engineer. He has been involved with transfer molding as a key person to all molding processes and systems. Prof. Renganathan implemented process improvements and conducted effectiveness cost studies. Currently, he works as a Technical Sales Manager with Jademicron Pts. Ltd., promoting technical products for the semiconductor industry. Prof. Renganathan is a member of the International Association of Engineers and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management.

Susan Rhodes Ph.D.
Dr. Rhodes received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She received her MA in Reading Education from the University of Denver, and her Ph.D. in Educational Administration with a cognate in Complex Organizational Systems from the University of Denver. Dr. Rhodes has been a Backcountry Ranger for the US Forest Service. She taught reading for 30 years. She has been a Principal, Curriculum Director, Assistant Superintendent, and a Curriculum Auditor for Phi Delta Kappa and for the State of Colorado. She has done strategic planning for Fortune 100 companies all over the world. She has published articles and has been a keynote speaker in 5 countries as well as the US on a variety of topics that were pertinent to her dissertation. She has served as an adjunct professor at two universities.

Juanita J. Rinas, MA, LPC, PhD
Dr. Rinas has worked in the mental health and substance abuse fields for several years, and continues to be a licensed counselor in private practice. Dr. Rinas has considerable experience in qualitative methods of research. Her Akamai University doctoral research used a blended method of qualitative inquiry to better understand complex relationships between people involved in selected activities, focusing on the psychological and ecological implications of different forms of communication. She pursues research interests in consciousness, social change, human-nature interconnections and psychological/ social interdependencies within diverse cultures and societies. Her interests have been fueled by work experiences in job coaching, human resource administration, case management, emergency mental health and crisis-management services and Juanita's personal journey from homelessness to higher education in Western society. She has worked with diverse client populations and belief systems. Dr. Rinas is an active advocate for cultural preservation, multicultural communication, environmental preservation, ecological sustainability, social justice and reform. She is proactive regarding the creation of positive, creative, and sustainable work and living environments, applied education, training, and research. She values indigenous rights, spiritual freedom, women's rights, and integral, life-long learning. Ms. Rinas has a published poem: Seamless Flowing. She writes for a local, independent newspaper and has a column, Beyond the Heard Mentality, which promotes self-care, connections with community, environment, mental health, social issues, and community services.

Samuel Root, Ph.D.
Dr. Samuel Root initially finished a BA in psychology at the University of Minnesota in 2001. From 2005 to 2008 Sam then completed an MA in psychotherapy and worked stints as residential counselor, anger-management group therapist, and in-home family skills trainer. After moving to Chicago in 2008, to mentor with a famed Adlerian psychologist, in 2009 Sam returned to southern California and further developed his skills in a variety of counseling roles. In 2010 Sam migrated north and until 2014 engaged a PhD in transpersonal psychology at Sofia University. Here he received advanced training in research methods, worked research and teaching assistantships, acquired transpersonal therapy interventions, and investigated the effects of an ancient bereavement-healing process on culture shock in expats to California. Currently living in Glasgow, expat Sam’s interests lie in archetypal and personality psychology, positive disintegration and the dark night of the soul, traveling, and the psychology of tourism.

Christina Ross, PhD, BCPP
Christina Ross, PhD, is a board-certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP) practicing energy medicine for over a decade. She is also a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner (CEMP). She earned bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and physics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a PhD in Energy Medicine from Akamai University. Her dissertation involved research at the Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), studying the effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on cell signaling in an inflammatory response model. She currently works as a post-doctoral scientist at the WFIRM studying the effects of electromagnetic field on cell communication and signaling. She has published articles in internationally known medical journals, and is the author of Etiology: How to Detect Disease in Your Energy Field Before it Manifests in Your Body


Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.
Beverly Rubik earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Illinois Institute of Technology in 1972 and a Ph.D. in Biophysics at University of California at Berkeley in 1979. She is internationally renowned for her pioneering work in frontier science and medicine. She is President and founder of Institute for Frontier Science, a nonprofit laboratory in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she conducts basic science and clinical research. Her main areas of interest in research are on the human biofield; mind-body medicine; the interrelationship of consciousness and the physical world; and frontier research on water. She has published over 100 papers and 2 books and taught at various state and private universities for over 30 years. She serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine; Integrative Medicine Insights; and theJournal of Vortex Science and Technology.

Sergio Antonio Rueda, MA, Ph.D.
Director of Behavioral Medicine Services and Addictions Treatment Program at the Instituto de Medicina y Tecnología Avanzada de la Conducta”, Hospital Poliplaza Medica in Juárez México since 1998. He, currently, holds the position of President of the Mexican Certification Board for Professionals on Addiction, Alcoholism & Tobacco A.C. (Member Board of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium). He holds certifications as Certified Sex Therapist (recertification in process) by The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists-AASECT and as an “Advanced Drug Abuse and Alcohol Counselor AADC, Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor-ADC and Drug Prevention Specialist-PS by the most prestigious certification. He holds specializations on Forensic Sexology, Criminology, Special Education, Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the University of Texas and El Paso (UTEP-PACE). He also holds a Certification, as Instructor, to teach courses for workers seeking professional advancement within a company, private or public. The courses are accredited by the Department of Labor in Mexico.In 2012, in Medellin Colombia, Dr. Sergio Rueda, received the most important academic award for the best Scientific Presentation in Sexual Medicine and Related Areas" Fernando Bianco Colmenares Award" by Flasses (The Latin American Federation of Sexual Societies ) for his work on "Love as an Addictive Disorders: A medical -psychological Approach" .. Also, 2012, he was designated Dean for the Psychology and Addictions Programs for Ibero-America by The International University for Graduate Studies from St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. His book Diabolical Possession and the Case Behind the Exorcist: “An overview of Scientific Research with Interviews, with Witnesses and Experts was published last November 2018 by Mc Farland Publishers in the USA.

JoAnn Salvisberg, Ph.D.
Dr. Salvisberg is currently a lecturer at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Business. She has been involved in TESOL since 1990, primarily teaching adult learners, and began doing teacher training in 2001. In addition to the Cambridge Certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language, she completed the M.Ed. in English Language Teaching (ELT) in 2001, and Ph.D. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Social Psychology in Education in 2007 with a primary research focus on communicative skills assessment in the EFL classroom. She has been actively involved in various leading roles in the English Teachers Association Switzerland (ETAS): eight years as Regional Coordinator of the Bern-Neuch?l Region, three years on the ETAS Committee as Teacher Development Chair, as well as starting and serving as Research Special Interest Group (SIG) Coordinator since 2005. Further, in January 2014, she was elected President of ETAS. Furthermore, she has also held positions in the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language Association. First for three years as the Business English SIG Editor, then as a member of the IATEFL Publications Committee. Within the field of ELT she is particularly curious about English for specific purposes (ESP), oral skills assessment (OSA), and utilizing technology to enhance the educational process.

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Syed Arif-Hussain Shah, Ph.D.
Dr. Shah, member of Akamai University Research Directorate, Health and Wellness Programs (Saudi Arabia); is currently working as "Consultant" and "Head" of the Central Instrumental, Drug Stability and Research Departments in the Central Laboratory of Drug and Food Analysis, Ministry of Health, in addition to the National Labs., Drug Sector, Saudi-FDA, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He worked in various reputed academic institutions including Gomal University (Pakistan), Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Bonn University (Germany), King Saud University (Saudi Arabia), Ministry of Health (Saudi Arabia), The Open International University (Sri Lanka), Greenwich University (USA), Nottingham University (UK) and Saudi-FDA (Saudi Arabia), as lecturer, assistance professor, researcher/Associate professor, coordinator, drug analysis expert, consultant and professor. Dr. Shah has authored and co-authored over 166 research articles (with ISI, Impact factor: 162.796) in various international journals on topics of structural determination of new natural compounds, toxicity evaluation and assay methods for drug products. Based on his research work in 1998 he was awarded the D.Sc. degree. Dr. Shah received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the University of Peshawar in Peshawar, Pakistan and his MS and Ph.D. from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Bonn University, in Bonn, Germany.

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Nirmal Kumar Sharma

Prof. (Dr.) Nirmal Kumar Sharma is highly educated and has extensive qualifications in the Business stream. He has completed a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM), Master of Commerce (MCOM), Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management with concentration business administration. In addition to above ultra-high qualifications Prof. (Dr.) Sharma has also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management (PGDHRM), Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM), Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM) and some professional development subjects. He completed all his qualifications from world’s top-class universities with brilliant consistent meritorious academic records and achievements. He has a tech-savvy outlook with extensive long work experience. His experience level which he has obtained in different highly developed countries includes different academic institutions/universities, corporate houses, Fortune 500 MNC, banks, autonomous government bodies, courts, etc., Having a proven track record of successfully managing students, resources, and staff to improve educational services, thereby providing management and students with the best learning and teaching environment and opportunity to achieve their full potential. Possessing the required enthusiasm, vision, drive and adaptability necessary to manage a modern advance higher-level classroom environment. He is highly educated and experienced with multiple qualifications and specializations. His areas of expertise include Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Business Administration and Management, Banking, Law and related areas. He has a deep interest in music, science, and technology, politics, games, and fitness. Professor (Dr.) Sharma could be reached at

George Shippey, PhD
Dr. George Shippey is a true proponent of distance learning, receiving his diploma in psychology, diploma in management studies and degrees entirely by distance learning. He earned a generalist BBA with an MBA in Management and Marketing from Fairfax University in Louisiana, USA and his doctorate with honors from Greenwich University in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. Dr. Shippey produced an excellent dissertation in knowledge management and its contribution to economic growth and forms of organizing. His academic areas of expertise include knowledge management, organizational economics, human resources, and organizational change. He has participated in a number of consulting projects with a major corporation in United Kingdom and devised many in-house management training programs. Dr. Shippey was employed for a while as a personnel manager for one of the largest blue chip plastics manufacturers in United Kingdom.

Harwindar Singh, ACCA(UK), FPNA(Aust), PhD(Phil)
Dr. Harwindar Singh is a consultant and trainer in the area of corporate strategic, managing change, financial analysis, credit evaluation, loan recovery, strategic financial management, financial modeling, and other management, risk and strategy related topics. Dr. Harwindar has more than 25 years of experience in various industries, working initially for a manufacturing multi-national corporation (MNC), then commercial banking with emphasis on credit marketing and business development and is now a well regarded business consultant whose business advisory services are much sought after. As a corporate trainer, he has worked with Bank Negara Malaysia and Danamodal, Bank Industri, Standard Chartered Bank, the Maybank Group, Telekom Malaysia, NEC Semi-conductors, STAR, Australian Society of CPAs, Association of Finance Companies Malaysia (AFCM), Kontena Nasional, Petronas and many others. Dr. Harwindar graduated as an accountant in 1984 as a member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA, UK). He is currently a Fellow Professional Accountant (FPNA) of the NIA and also a Fellow member of The Institute of Commercial and Industrial Accountants, Malaysia. He completed his P.hD in Management in 2014 with the Ifugao State University, Philippines.

Traian D. Stanciulescu, Ph.D.
Dr. Stanciulescu, born in 1951 (Potlogi, Romania), has an interdisciplinary academic formation: architecture & philosophy and history faculty (psychology and sociology included). He has worked as an architect, as a lyceum professor, and finally as a university professor at the University of Iai. As a scientific researcher at National Inventics Institute (1993-2008), he auto-didactically studied biophotonics and its emergent implications in the field of human health optimization, having many original contributions, theoretical and practical (inventions) also. He has didactic abilities in the field of teaching "know how"? disciplines, such as semiotics, hermeneutics, creatology, persuasion strategies, etc. which he synergetically applied in teaching and research activity. He is involved in many social-cultural events, being an efficient leader, permanently involved in public relationships by conferences, courses, etc. He has abilities in creative fields such as: poetry, music and painting, directly used for a personal "connection energy" preservation.

Tan Nion Foong, MS
Prof. Tan Nion Foong started his career in 1998 as an engineer in the semiconductor industry. He served as Associate Engineer in Intel PG8, successfully involved in fab startup as a module associate engineer. He worked as field service engineer in Axcelis Technologies. He has successfully helped transfer a few technologies to Asia, including installing the first Axcelis furnace system in China, and the first 300mm Radiant Strip system in Singapore. He has continued his career as a customer support engineer in Bruker Corp. Prof. Tan has extended his knowledge in material surface topography and profile. Beside system sustaining and installation, he also actively involved in promoting service contracts and systems to customers. Prof. Tan Nion Foong completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Polytechnic. He has completed his Master of Science By Research In Engineering Management at Akamai University.

Hemant D. Toshikhane, BAMS, MS (Ayu), PhD.
Prof. Toshikhane is an Professor and Head of the Deapartment of Sangyaharana (Anesthesiology in Indian medicine) at KLE University Shri B M Kankanwadi Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya Shahapur Belgaum , Karnataka, India, and is a Senior consultant at Dhatari Ayurveda Multispecialty & Research center Bhagayanagar Belgaum Karanataka India a center for Panchakarama and Ksharakarama. He has secured his Degree in Ayurveda from Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya Hubli, one of the renowned and oldest colleges in Ayurveda. He has done his Post Graduation in Shalyatantra from S.D.M. College of Ayurveda, affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Karnataka.He is persuing his PhD at Tilak Maharastra University Pune India. He is experienced in both Ayurveda and western system of medicine practices. His working experience is very vast and it includes hands on working experience in Causality unit of Shivakrupa Nursing Home, Hubli. Prof. Toshikhane has worked as an assistant to Dr. Suresh Duggani M.Ch (Neuro).of Shivakrupa Nursing Home, Hubli. He has also worked with renowned physician of this part of country Dr G.B.Sattur MD MRCP during his internship.. During his postgraduate studies Prof. B.G.Gopinath a famous Ayurvedic physician in India guided him. Prof. Toshikhane?s practice in Ayurveda includes Bheshja (Medicine) Chikitsa, Pancahakaram (Five therapeutic procedures) Ksharakarma (Corrosive Therapy), Agni karama (Cauterization Therapy), Rakta Mokashana (Blood Letting) and other related modalities. He has extensive knowledge in the management of Anorectal Disorders like Piles Fistula Fissure. Prof. Toshikhane has treated more than 3000 patients of such disorders. One more important branch of Ayurveda where he has worked is, that of Bhagan Chikitsa (Orthopedics) during his post graduate study he has treated more than 100 patients of fractures with traditional methods. Currently, he is guiding 5 postgraduate students in this subject. Prof. Toshikhane is also specialized in the management of joint disorders; his doctorate research is in the same topic. He has treated many patients of different joint disorders such as SandhigataVata (Osteo arthritis) and Amvata (Rheumatoid Arthritis). He has served as an active member of hospital committees and worked as Medical Superintendent. Prof. Toshikhane has published several papers in national and international scholarly journals and has attended and presented scientific papers at numerous national and international symposia, workshops and meetings.

Tran Huu Duc, PhD
Dr. Duc has spent his whole professional life working, consulting and training in talent management with renowned multinational and Vietnamese companies in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, Hospital and Retail industries where he focused on aligning the company’s people with its business strategies. Dr. Duc co-founded BCC HR Training and Consulting Firm ( in 2000 and Better Living Life Coaching and Training Center ( in 2012 where he helped individuals, executives and corporate clients be more successful and happier in life and business. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Management with the Akamai University in 2015. He currently co-trains in cross-border post- graduate programs with the Akamai University via EDS Business School. Happily married with two children, Dr. Duc enjoys spending quality time with his family. He also very much enjoys socializing, sharing wisdom with students and the business community, reading, meditation, jogging and traveling.

Sachi Tsujii-Payne, BA, MS
Sachi Tsujii-Payne received a BA in Education from Japan Women's University in Tokyo. She is a licensed calligrapher and flower arrangement instructor, and was trained in traditional Japanese dance and Japan's famous tea ceremony. At mid-life, she relocated to California. She earned her MS in Counseling from California State University, Fullerton, while teaching Japanese. She is currently serving as a counseling intern at MiraCosta College, where she is working with adult students to help them find their own voice while leading a support group for ESL students. Her research interests include the acculturation process of Asians in the U.S. and the exploration of viable counseling methods.

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Pam Twee, Ph.D.
Dr. Twee was born in Sydney, Australia and undertook her schooling through the New South Wales public education system. She studied at Armidale College of Advanced Education where she earned an undergraduate degree in Primary (Elementary) Teaching. With further local training, Dr. Twee gained entry into secondary schools to teach all core subjects in Years 7-10. Her experiences in teaching adolescents lead to a particular interest in teaching of students with learning disabilities. Dr. Twee completed a Graduate Diploma in Resource Teaching, which was her first formal qualification in Special Education. Her Master's degree soon followed, with specializations in Literacy and Special Education. Dr. Twee resides with her husband, two children and a variety of animals in a rural area outside Sydney. She has recently earned her Ph.D. in Education from the University of Western Sydney with a focus on the literacy development of intellectually disabled adolescents. Her qualifications and experience span a range of educational settings with students ranging from young children to adults, across both mainstream and special education setting. Dr. Twee taught at elementary schools in South Australia, comprehensive public secondary schools in South-Western Sydney, a special school for students with emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders, and a private secondary school for girls. She particularly enjoys working with teachers in an advisory role on teaching students with learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities in classroom settings. Dr. Twee's research interests include assessment of language skills.

Shannon Dawn Voyles, Ed.D.
Shannon Voyles completed her EdD focusing on educational technology and the e-learner. Her dissertation concentrated on beginning online learners, their perceptions, and their feelings of preparedness for online education. She has taught English, education, humanities, and beginning online learning courses at the university level and spent five years teaching high school English and an interdisciplinary course, American Studies. She earned her Masters of Education from Indiana Wesleyan University in an online program and her Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Hanover College, in Hanover, Indiana. She is currently a full time online instructor who also works in course and curriculum design.

James O. Wear, Ph.D., CCE, CHSP, FASHE
James O. Wear holds a B.S. (l959), M.S. (l960), and Ph.D. (l961) from the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR). He was Managing Director, Little Rock Employee Education Resource Center (LREERC), Department of Veterans Affairs. With the Department of Veterans Affairs, he is responsible for training of engineering and safety personnel in their 172 hospitals, which includes about 10,000 employees. Dr. Wear was Professor, Biomedical Instrumentation Technology, College of Health Related Professions, and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (Little Rock, AR) from 1972-2000. He is active in the American College of Clinical Engineering, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation and the American Society of Healthcare Engineering. Dr. Wear is a Certified Clinical Engineer and a Certified Health Care Safety Professional. He is a Fellow in the American Society of Healthcare Engineering. He has served on the Certification Board of Examiners for Biomedical Engineering Technician, Clinical Engineers, and Health Care Safety Professionals. Dr. Wear is a founder and co-chairman of the Commission for the Advancement of Healthcare technology Management in Asia (CAHTMA). This organization will develop certification programs and workshops in healthcare technology management for countries in Asia. Dr. Wear has written over 150 publications in national journals in Chemistry, Clinical and Biomedical Engineering, and Hospital Safety, twenty chapters in books and co-authored Clinical Engineering Manual, Introduction to Clinical Engineering, Hospital Safety Manual, BMET Handbook, Hospital Safety Handbook, Hospital Equipment Preventive Maintenance Manual, Nursing Home Equipment Preventive Maintenance Manual, and Hospital Engineering Manual. Dr. Wear has made over 200 presentations at regional, national and international meetings in Chemistry, Clinical and Biomedical Engineering, and Hospital Safety. He has lectured in workshops and courses in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia. Many of these presentations have been for the World Health Organization with the American College of Clinical Engineering. Dr. Wear has taught a graduate course in Clinical Engineering Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Eugene Wilson, BSMS, MD
Dr. Eugene Wilson earned his degree (BSMS) in Siddha Medicine (Traditional South Indian Medical Science) and M.D (Siddha) post-graduate degree from The Tamil Nadu Dr. M. G. R Medical University, Chennai. He served as senior lecturer in the Centre for Advanced Research in Indian System of Medicine (CARISM), SASTRA University, Thanjavur. Apart from being a proficient teacher for pharmacy students, Dr. Wilson accomplished five major projects sponsored by the DST and DRDO in the capacity of Co-investigator. Dr. Wilson has published a good number of papers in the field of Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM). He had the opportunity to work as a Guest Scientist in the Department of CIM, University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), Germany. Dr. Wilson has gained experience in manual therapy, known as Marma therapy in TIM, and was invited by the European Academy of Ayurveda, Germany, to deliver a guest lecture in the 11th International Ayurveda Symposium.

Kathleen Wojcik, M.E.P.D., PhD (Candidate)
Kathleen holds a B.Ed. in Music Education, an M.E.P.D., and Certification in Early Childhood and K-12 teaching. Other life experiences that enhance her work in Spiritual Psychology include speaking at national conventions, creating and delivering workshops for teachers and students, creating school curriculum, writing, arranging and publishing music and academic works and vocal recording as well as a lifetime of classroom and private teaching. She is a co-founder of WISTA String Camp and the Center for Strings Music School. Kathleen completed the three-year academic program earning a Master of Spiritual Psychology Certificate in 2004 and assists in school courses. She holds certificates in Breathwork and is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology. Kathleen is on the Distance Learning faculty of the School of Integrative Psychology.

Constance W. Wolfe, Ph.D.
Dr. Wolfe earned her Bachelor of Arts at Maryland College, a Master’s degree in Biology at University of Pennsylvania and her Doctor of Philosophy ar California Institute of Human Science at Encinitas, California. She taught Biology and Science for over twenty years turning her attention to metaphysical studies. During her years teaching Biology, Dr. Wolfe received the Outstanding Teacher Award from the University of Chicago. Her dissertation is a methodology for psycho-spiritual growth, using astrology and dream studies. She has collected more than twenty-five years of dream and daily journals. In addition to metaphysical studies, she studied body movement through the disciplines of ballroom dancing and yoga, and received awards for her dancing. Her primary interest at the present time is living in a self-sustaining manner, both spiritually and physically. She maintains her own astrological business and also teaches knitting and crocheting.

William Wong Teck Foo, PhD
Dr. William Wong obtained his Doctor in Education (EdD) degree from University of Science Malaysia in 2007 and MSc in Electronics from Queen’s University of Belfast, UK in 1986. He worked in electronic industry for almost 12 years since 1988; and ventured in the academia as Lecturer, Head- School of Engineering, Director of Postgraduate Centre, Coordinato- Lab Development , Academic Director, Deputy Principal and Principal at various institutions in Higher Education Institutions. He received the Learning Grant Award from Kontron Manufacturing Services Sdn. Bhd to pursue the JT Frank Academy Certification as a Professional in Practice of Knowledge Management (POKM) in 2007, and awarded with the “STAR Leader Award” by the Laureate International Universities Network in 2011. In the quest of pursuing excellence in quality management and training, he has been certified as the Train-the-Trainer by HRDC, Malaysia (2007), Certified Trainer by the International Accrediting Institute, USA (1997), Applied Statistician (with distinction) by Advanced Micro Devices Inc (1993), Certified Quality Engineer by ASQ, USA (1993) and Auditor/ Lead Auditor of Quality System trained by Neville-Clarke Limited (1998). Prior to date, over 20 research papers have been presented in both national and international conferences, in which some of them have been selected and publish in books / journals. He also conducts transnational postgraduate residential seminars, supervises MBA and PHD students for research projects in the fields of education, business and management. Currently, he is active in action research and staff development on pedagogies and instructional strategies; and serve as an in-house project driver for the latest ISO9001:2015 Standard in Equator College, Penang, Malaysia.

Donese Worden, NMD
Dr. Donese Worden is an Arizona-based physician and global health educator. She has lectured for the American Academy of Pain Management, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, ICIM, IPC, AOCPMR, ANMA, NANP, and various medical schools including U of A, ASU, Berkeley, SCNM and major U.S. hospitals for CME credits. She is licensed as a primary care physician including prescription privileges, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, counseling, and homeopathy. She is an expert in regenerative injection therapies , nutritional IV’s, botanical medicine , and Bioenergetic medicine (Cold laser, Biomodulator, SCENAR?). Dr. Worden designs and conducts clinical trials for medical devices and the natural product industry. She has also formulated some of the top nutritional supplements in the industry. She is a Diplomat with the American Academy of Pain Management; a Member, of the Society for Integrative Oncology; American Association of Naturopathic Physicians; Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association; and a member of the Adjunct Faculty with Arizona State University in the Integrative Medicine Department. is also a Dr. Worden is also a member of the International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians.

Hiram Yanez, MD
Dr. Hiram Yanez obtained his medical degree as medical doctor and general surgeon at the University of Juarez, Mexico. He also holds the specialization as Neurologist from the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social/National Mexican Institute of Health in Mexico city. He is, currently certified as Neurologist by the Mexican Association of Neurologist. His training has been, also, extensive in the medical and mental health area and holds specializations in the treatment of addictions, Hypnosis, mental health disorders and sexual disorders and special education. He is, currently, in private practice at Hospital Star Medica in Cd. Juarez Mexico. Moreover, he is, currently, the Director of Medical Services for the Integral Addiction Program of the Institute of Medicine and Advanced Technology of Behavior at Hospital Poliplaza Medica Hospital in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Also, he currently serves as Director of National Certification for the Mexican Certification Board for Professionals in Addictions, Alcoholism and Tobacco (JMCPAAT. He has received extensive training on the psychological treatment of mental disorders under the mentorship of Dr. Stanley Krippner and Dr. Albert Ellis, the father of Cognitive Therapy. He has been instructor of medical courses for the treatment of addictions and neurological disorders of children at the Institute of Medicine and Advanced Behavioral Technologies at Hospital Poliplaza Medica for the last 10 years.

Yeo Choon Wooi, MS
Prof. Yeo has worked in the engineering field for the past 16 years, during which time he has held positions of increasing responsibility. He is dedicated in engineering problem-solving and is known to think critically in solving many engineering problems, technically and commercially. For his many years of engineering management with few MNCs included of Intel Corp he received high level on the job training to achieve of high standards and knowledge in Engineering Management. Prof. Yeo is known to be a quick leaner, ambitious leader, and terrific team player. Prof. Yeo received the Master of Science by Research in Engineering Management at Akamai University.

Kemal Yildrim, Ph.D.
Dr Kemal Yildirm specialized in comparative politics and middle east specialization with other subsidiary subjects in Political history and social and economic history and has submitted my Thesisin Diplomacy- Main title is diplomatic practices in the foreign policies of early Islamic political realms. Dr Kemal Yildirm specialized in comparative politics and middle east specialization with other subsidiary subjects in Political history and social and economic history and has submitted my Thesisin Diplomacy- Main title is diplomatic practices in the foreign policies of early Islamic political realms. Dr. Yildirim has rcently completed the postdoctorate award in Democracy and Human Rights from Coimbra University, Portugal.

Henry Zeidan, Ph.D.
Dr. Zeidan received his Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences Biochemistry at The University of Hawaii, School of Medicine in 1979. He did his postdoctoral training in Medicinal chemistry and Pharmacognosy at the Medical Center of The University of Illinois, School of Pharmacy. Dr. Zeidan then joined the University of Michigan, the clinical chemistry division at Cleveland State University, as an assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry. He then joined the biomedical faculty at Atlanta University Graduate School. He served as a major Professor for five graduate students. Two received a Ph.D in Biochemistry under his mentorship. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1988. In 1991, he moved to Life University, Basic Sciences Division and was promoted to Professor in 1996. He was known among his students as a talented professor with a chess game approach and was awarded a Ph.D? (putting him or her through) degree by numerous Professional students. Dr. Zeidan held positions as Visiting Professor in St. Matthew School of Medicine, University of Texas, Kuwait University, and Professor of Biomedical Sciences at St. Christopher's School of Medicine, Greenwich University, and Graduate School of Health Sciences. He served as a major Professor of two graduate students who obtained their Ph.D in Preventive Medicine and Human Physiology. He served as an Educational Mentor at Creighton University, School of Pharmacy, and Pharm D Program. He received recognitions as outstanding teacher, Smith Kline & French Laboratories faculty award for outstanding faculty and Fulbright Scholar. He acted as a consultant to Cairo University, National Research Center, Cairo and Kuwait University. Dr. Zeidan also acted as a clinical Laboratory Director to several Reference Laboratories. Henry is a Fellow of National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, Diplomat of American Board of Bioanalysis, and a Fellow of the Association of Clinical Scientists. Dr. Zeidan has numerous publications. His major research focused on the application of Spin Labels in Biomedicine and Pharmacology, the molecular mechanisms of biogenic amines degradation and Sickle hemoglobin. Dr. Zeidan accepted a Position as Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nevada College of Pharmacy in 2003. Henry enjoys spending his leisure time with his dedicated wife and lovely five children. He enjoys playing tennis, swimming, traveling, chess and hunting two birds with one stone.

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Hilo, Hawaii 96720 USA